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Book review - Beginning Java 2

"Murach's Beginning Java 2" by Andrea Steelman covers the fundamentals of Java competently, and goes on to cover GUI design, database interfacing and threads. Andrea's profile describes how she was a C++ programmer before she learnt Java, and for other programmers converting to Java, this is a suitable text - but the competition is fierce.

There are lots of Java books available - we have about 70 different titles on our shelves, and they cover a wide range of facets of Java from language basics through to some of the more obscure APIs. And yet there's a shortage of titles that cover Java for newcomers to programming; in spite of the hopeful title - this is not the book for such people.

I do like the book layout, with descriptive text on the left page and examples and tables on the right throughout. Indeed, it'll probably be one of the books that I'm passing around during the next Java course as I encourage trainees to start looking up information for themselves rather than relying in the narrow subset that can be covered during formal training

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