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Our most Visited Solution Pages
Uploading images, storing them in MySQL database, and accessing them - all from PHP. [view]
Running processes in parallel through Python's threading capability. [view]
Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat
There are many ways of getting the Apache httpd web server to talk to the Apache Tomcat appliaction server. Learn the pros and cons of the various options. [view]
Linux, Unix and OS X
Why partition ('slice") that nice big 250Gbyte hard drive into a series of smaller logical units? We explain. [view]
If you're wanting to see if a string is in the right format in Java, or you want to extract a vital element from some text, chances are you'll want to use a regular expression. [view]
Tcl, Tk and Expect
Do you want to load test your software before you release it to the world? The expect extension to Tcl lets you do so - down to the realsitic simulation of different typing speeds of different operators. [view]
There's a lot of talk about Ruby being a langauge for the future, of "Pragmatic Programming" and of "Rails". What exactly is Ruby and Rails? [view]
It doesn't have private, protected, package or public ... but it has my, our @ISA and bless. If Perl really an Object Oriented language? [view]
In the solutions area of our website you'll find a number of longer technical articles ranging from Apache to Tcl, and from installing dual boot operating systems to graphics programming in Java. Once you select an article in one or other of the subject area, you'll find that our server will offer you a more tuned selection of articles covering related subjects.

Use the index on the right to select the topics you'd like to learn more about.

Our site also features over 1000 shorter technical tips and daily jottings under our Horse's Mouth blog. Want to search the archive for articles relevant to YOU? Start here (for PHP) or here (for Ruby) or here (for MySQL).

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