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This is a shorthand link directory provided by Well House Consultants to resources about Melksham in general, our own place in Melksham and our training courses. We can be contacted by phone (01225 708225), email ( or via the various websites. We also welcome people walking in for afteroon, tea, to look at our Museum for Melksham, to look for accommodation, to talk about venue rooms or to talk about courses.

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Additionally ...
• any archived blog article may be linked via its number. - e.g. to article number 158 - which is on left join v join in MySQL
• any module resources from your training notes may be found via its ref. no - e.g. to modules H108 - Object Oriented PHP
• examples from any module may be downloaded by the reference number and thw work "examples" on the end ... under test! • any place page via its place name - e.g. to our page that tells you a little about Chippenham

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