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Walk In - Triage Procedure

Walk in procedure for Well House Manor. Why do people walk in?

* Checking in for a course / room
* Returning during course / stay
* Asking for a room for tonight
* Delivery
* Sales
* Charity Collection
* Looking for future use
* Servicing / repairing something
* Attending an event that's booked here
* Visiting / looking for staff member
* Looking for employment
* Looking for guest / pick up
* Want to use your Wifi / toilet / meeting room / have a coffee
* Looking for directions
* Curious about the place
* Neighbors

Coming on duty ... check the systems to know who to expect!

Someone walks in ....

In ALL cases ... if unknown to you, a friendly greeting.
"Can I help you" IS allowed (this is not a trade stand at a show!)
That will "qualify the the visitor
... if know to you
"How was your day", "how are you today" etc ...

Checking in for a course / room
Staff should already be expecting the person
- for a course, intro to tutor
- for a room, standard check in procedure

Returning during course / stay
* Don't be afraid to gently challenge
- "Anything you need - let me know"

Asking for a room for tonight
If space available ...
"What are you looking for" (i.e. single / twin / double / family)
CLUES / reading customer
a) The later it is, the less likely it is that we're suitable
... i.e. "Just looking for a cheap room to sleep in"
... also - will not be as respectful of room ...
b) Check for "family room", "my son" etc ... under 14s?
c) Alcohol / under influence?
d) "I have stayed here before" - positive if true
e) "Recommended by ..." also a positive
f) "Can you do me a special rate"
... None of us can ;-)
... Can suggest somewhere else lower cost

If full ...
"We're full tonight - BUT do look us up next time ..."

Typically "regulars"
Brakes (Food and supplies)
... Check into freezer / fridge
Culligan - now "BTW?" (Water)
... Ensure stock of 6 - 8 bottles in garage
G&S (but before we arrive) Fruit and veg
... Check in and put into fridge
... To lockbox
Brochure folks
... To (whoever's looking after that side)
Melksham Independent News
... A copy for each room
Wiltshire Life
... A copy for each room
in all cases, put paperwork to lockbox
in no case above should payment be needed

Baguette Bar
... Food for lunch
pay from petty cash; get receipt

Sales (people looking to sell to us)
We don't buy from walkins
We especially don't buy time limited offers from walkins!
They are welcome to leave brochures
They are welcome to email ( info@wellho.net to reach relevant people
BUT We DO support local businesses and "thank you for coming in"

Typically don't give out names; give them a brochure

Charity Collections
We do not allow charity collectors to go around the guests
Just like anyone else, they may email info@wellho.net

Looking for future use
Make them welcome - offer them a comp. tea or coffee ...
Listen to their requirement
honestly advise them (events, children) if we're not suitable
AND suggest alternatives in this case
* SHOW THEM AROUND (One or two un-let but ready rooms)
Never a let room. Never a room that's to be service.
Only more than 2 rooms in exceptional circumstances
* Give them a brochure. Add the rates in handwriting
(85 single, 95 double for 2011)
Ask if with regular company / Chamber member -> 72.00
* Can I book for you now? If not - point out phone, email, web

Servicing / repairing something
- You should be expecting them. If not / they're new to you - CHECK
- Always offer tea or coffee
(Culligan service water cooler every 3 months - part of regular water run)
Meter Readers
- Gas in Kitchen; electric in garage; second set of meters (separate supplier!) in cottage

Attending an event that's booked here
Introduce to host
At times, seat in library (e.g. interviews); offer drink; be helpful

Visiting / looking for staff member
Not common.

Looking for employment
We have forms behind counter
Welcome to leave details
THANK YOU for coming by
Usually "nothing at the moment / near future but we will keep on file"

Looking for guest / pick up
Take a seat ... shall I let (him/her) know you're here.
Taxi drivers prefer to wait outside
Don't give out room numbers
Be suspicious if they don't know the guest's name

Want to use your Wifi / toilet / meeting room / have a coffee
Wifi - tends to be someone just moving to area not yet connected
and we'll take an open / generous view for future business

"Have a coffee" - we're not open as a cafe, but as a one-off,
give a complimentary cup

Meeting room - "want to sit in your reception and meet"
Not really set up for that ... "Berks" 40 pounds for a morning
Use judgment

Looking for directions
Be helpful
Look online / print map out
Call for assistance if you don't know

Curious about the place
Show around and describe
If available, you may want to ask one of the long-established folks to fill in more details


We have 8 properties neighboring
If new, full intros! And full intros to new neighbors
If an issue (such as fence / trees / noise / favor), usually refer on to graham or Chris

Alternatives where we are unable to provide the right service / facilities ourselves

Events:... see
- Assembly Hall
- Melksham Town Hall
- Melksham House
- Rachel Fowler Centre
- Queensway Hall
- Bowerhill Village Hall
- Rooms at pubs - e.g. Pilot
- King's Arms
- Christie Miller

Accommodation (in order) ... see http://www.melkshamhotel.co.uk
- Conigre Farm
- Antonia House - Level access / wheelchair
- New House Farm
- King's Arms
- Pear Tree
- Bowden House
- Longhope
- Shaw Country House
- Beechfield House
- Premier Inn, Chippeham
- Travel Lodge, Devizes

For phone procedures, see Phonein

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