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Wellhouse Consultants
Wellhouse Consultants provides scheduled public Perl, PHP, Python, MySQL, Linux, Tcl/Tk and MySQL courses at their training centre in Melksham, Wiltshire, England, and also runs private courses on site throughout the UK and Ireland.

We're really "Well House Consultants Ltd" even though people sometimes call us "Wellhouse" as one word. We also find ourselves referred to as "Well House Consultancy" and "Wellhouse Consultancy"! We were incorporated on 19th June 1995, with the purpose of providing excellent training, presented by our own tutors using state-of-the-art equipment and notes which we played a major part in writing. We haven't looked back since ;-).
• Wellhouse Public Courses
• Wellhouse Private Courses
• Wellhouse Specially Run Courses
• Wellhouse C and C++ Programming course
• Wellhouse Getting Public Sector Data on Line course
• Wellhouse Perl Programming course
• Wellhouse Learning to Program in Perl / Perl Programming course
• Wellhouse Using Perl on the Web course
• Wellhouse Perl for Larger Projects course
• Wellhouse Perl Extra training
• Wellhouse Tcl Basics course
• Wellhouse Tcl/Tk course
• Wellhouse Java Programming for the Web course
• Wellhouse Java Extra training
• Wellhouse Technology Background for PHP course
• Wellhouse PHP Programming course
• Wellhouse MySQL course
• Wellhouse Regular Expressions course

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