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Please ask about maintenance training for Perl, PHP, Lua, etc
Southampton Airport Collection
Click here if you're looking for the home page of Southampton Airport.. See also news of Southampton Airport

If you fly into Southampton to attend a Linux, Perl, PHP, Python or Tcl course at our Melksham training centre, we can arrange for a taxi to be there to meet you - pay the driver directly. An alternative is to catch the train from Southampton to Trowbridge, which is just a few miles from Melksham and there's a taxi office at the station there.

British Isles

Flights from: Aberdeen, Alderney, Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, Jersey, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle

Continental Europe

Flights from: Alicante, Amsterdam, Bergerac, Bordeaux, Brest, Brussels, Chambery, Faro, Geneva, Ibiza, La Rochelle, Limoges, Malaga, Murcia, Paderborn, Paris, Perpignan, Rennes and Salzburg

This is a recent list of scheduled routes from Southampton. Many big city flights run several times a day, but some flighs may not be convenient for you. Please check with the airlines, as schedules and routes do change.
Well House Consultants provides training in Perl, Java, Python, Tcl/Tk, PHP and MySQL. All our courses are written and presented by our own staff, and can be presented at your offices or at our training centre.

Course organisation and booking: • Public Courses (run at our training centre in Melksham, Wiltshire)
Private Courses (run at your offices)
Specially Run Courses (run at our training centre in Melksham, Wiltshire)

Course Agendas:
Python Programming
Linux Basics
Linux Administration
Linux Web Server
Deploying LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP
Technology Background for PHP
PHP Programming
Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Java Extra
Deploying Apache and Tomcat
Deploying Java Applications on Linux / Unix
Programming in C
C++ for C Programmers
C and C++ Programming
Deploying LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP
Learning to Program in Perl / Perl Programming
Perl Programming
Using Perl on the Web
Perl for Larger Projects
Perl Extra
Tcl Basics
Using Perl on the Web
Regular Expressions

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