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Secure Information Page
This is a secure form - information entered on this page will be sent to Well House Consultants' server via "https" rather than "http". This page is provided as an alternative to fax / telephone / post for credit card details required to confirm course bookings.

Please complete all fields on this form, and read the notes carefully to ensure that we have the data we need to validate and accept your order.

Your Name
Email address
Credit Card No.
See Note (1)
Security No.
See Note (2)
Card Type
Name on card
Cardholder Address
See Note (3)
If the box below is empty, please tell us why you are providing the information
e.g. "To guarantee the place for A.N.Other on the PHP course starting 10th March"
Information provided for

Note 1 Using this form, We can only accept credit card orders using this form where:

1. the name / company named on the credit card is the same as the name / company of the person placing the order AND
2. the billing address is given in full and is the street address to which goods or course confirmations are delivered AND
3. in the case of a training course, the person holding the credit card is also one of the people attending the course. AND
4. the billing address is located in the same legal juristiction as our company (EU; Norway, Switzerland, Iceland also accepted).

We manually check all credit card orders and report any requests that are suspicious to our credit card company. This provides us and our legitimate customers with additional protection.

If your order / booking does not match all four of these criteria (e.g. if your registered card address is not in the European Union or one of the listed countries), we will still be delighted to accept your order. Please telephone us, or let us know your number.

Note 2 We need the last three digits of the extra number printed on the signature strip on the rear of your card.

Note 3 Please provide the complete billing address for your card including house number, street name, city, country, and post code. In order to protect our customers and ourselves, we check all credit card details and we may have to reject or check back with you if we have insufficient information.

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