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Private courses - Channel Islands and Isle of Man
If your offices are on Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man, we can provide PHP / Perl / Python / Tcl / MySQL (or our other subject) courses. All we ask you to do is provide a conference room and the trainees - we do the rest. We bring one workstation per trainee (on the ferry) using the "duplicate list" procedure as our equipment is UK tax paid, and arrive on site about an hour before the course starts to set up. Courses run in these locations are NOT subject to VAT either. Couldn't be easier.

Course prices for Guernesy, Jersey and the Isle of Man are available on our quotation page. Please note that we do not charge for travel time but only expenses, even when we take an extra day to get to / from a training venue.

Courses on the Orkneys, Shetlands, and other islands are available at our standard rates and through our standard procedures - simply enter your postcode in the box below and we'll give you a quote. For courses in Ireland, please enter your county (use either a postcode of a county for Northern Ireland - both work). For islands which have infrequent ferry service (such as Alderney), please check with us. We can certainly fly and run the course, but it may be impractical for us to provide equipment.

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