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Worldwide phoning
Lo-call and freephone numbers (see right) are only available from within the UK. You call us from anywhere in the world (including the UK) on
+44 (0) 1225 708225
and fax us on
+44 (0) 1225 899360

01144 1225 708225 (from USA)
0044 1225 708225 (from Ireland)
01225 708225 (from UK)
Lower cost numbers for calling Well House Consultants and Well House Manor

The following data has been superceded; we no longer offer lo-call numbers. These days, calls to our geographic number (01225) are often the cheapest calls you can make - even lower in price than a call to our old freephone (0800) or Lo-call (0845) numbers on many mobile packages. And our geographic number is diverted to a duty member of staff when we're away, so we're still available for extended hours.

Lo-call numbers for Well House Consultants
So that you can telephone or fax us at a low cost, we provide both regular (geographic) and Lo-call numbers.
Lo-call numbers are designed to provide UK customers with the ability to call us at the equivalent cost of a local phone call, even if they're located a long way from our offices.

Our Lo-call phone number dialled within the UK is 0845 8382 404
Our Lo-call fax number dialled within the UK is 0845 8382 405

Our regular phone number dialled within the UK is 01225 708 225
Our regular fax number dialled within the UK is 01225 899360

With the deregulation of the UK telecom market, we can't guarantee which number will be the lower cost for you to call. Typically, if you're close to Melksham you'll want to use the 01225 numbers. If you're further away but still within the UK, the 0845 numbers will cost you less if you have a regular BT tarriff, but may not be such a bargain if you have a discount package or other telecom service provider. International callers will usually be best using our geographic (01225) numbers. Check the tariff charged by your telecom supplier if you're in any doubt.

In order to help people who may still be searching for these numbers, I'll comment that although we wrote them as 0845 8382 404 and 0845 8382 405, it would have been more conventional for them to have appeared as 0845 8382404 and 0845 8382405, or as 08458 382404 and 08458 832405. But remember - they're gone. Please use 01225 708225 (phone) or 01225 899360 (fax), please.

Comment: "Should we use a geographic number, or a special number such ..."

Comment by Graham (published 2005-04-11) Suggested link.
Should we use a geographic number, or a special number such as one that starts 0845 (locall) or 0870 (national rate) in our publicity / to get customers to call us?

We've chosen to offer both the geographic number and the locall numbers to web site visitors from the UK so that they can select the rate that's best for them.

We are NOT offering an 0870 number even though many businesses do so. Originally described as "National Rate" numbers with the intent that callers would pay the same as a long distance call within the UK, they're often more expensive to call now if you've got a BT discount package or if you're with another telephone company - accoring to the Daily Telegraph of yesterday, it costs an extra 36% on the BT OptionOne tarriff, for example.

The other reason that we don't offer 0870 numbers is that they're like premium rate numbers in some ways - if you call them, part of the cost of your call is paid to the company you're calling. We have no wish to take part in a scheme where we would actually make money if have to put you on hold .... [#318]

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