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Well House Consultants - Course Joining Instructions
If you're coming to Melksham on a public training course at Well House Consultants, we'll post you a full set of joining instructions as soon as your booking is confirmed. If yours is a last minute booking, or the original paperwork has got lost in your organisation, don't worry - these pages contain all the information you'll need.
How do I find you?
We're in a big old Edwardian building five minutes walk from the town centre at Melksham, Wiltshire - about 100 miles to the West of London. There's a separate page that includes a map and directions - it also tells you about the trains and buses. We have a map showing a wider area too, and a .pdf download showing what's where in Melksham.

What time does the course start?
Usually at 09:00 each morning. We run (formally) to 17:00 each day, and finish around 16:30 on the final day. If you arrive early, please come on in anyway - there's always coffee and soft drinks available, and the day's paper to read. If you've brought your own laptop, arriving early also gives you an excellent opprotunity to set it up on our network.

Do I need to do anything before the course?
Not usually - just arrive fresh and ready to learn! But three things:
First, if you'll be arriving in Melksham by train please let us know and we'll collect you from the station - there isn't a taxi rank or phone there.
Second, if you have restrictions as to what you eat please tell us ahead of time or we might not be able to provide an appropriate lunch on the first day.
Third, Do you have an operating system preference for your training machine? Alert us ahead of time, and we can reserve you a machine running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X or Linux.

Where can I stay locally?
We offer accommodation at the training centre and we strongly recommend that you stay with us. Our rooms are all ensuite, with internet access and plenty of desk space. Our library will be available for you to use overnight, and you'll be staying at the same place as other delegates, rather than being on your own at some other hotel. Accommodation is usually included in your course booking, with most delegates arriving the evening before their course and leaving directly after the course has concluded.

We do have an alternative accommodation list available as a .pdf file) details a further fifty places you can stay and this can help you with less frequent requirements (ranging from camp grounds through self catering to luxury establishments) - please ask. This information is provided as a service; it's up to you to make your booking and check that the place selected meets your needs.

What's your dress code?
We're pretty informal, but we've included this paragraph here because we're asked from time to time. Typically, dress is "smart casual", but some employers ask their staff to dress more formally when they're meeting people as representatives of their organisation.

Are there local gym facilities?
Just because you're out of town on a training course, doesn't mean you have to put your lifestyle on hold. We work closely in conjunction with Melksham Blue Pool to be able to offer sports leisure facilities before or after your training day with us. From swimming laps to jogging on treadmills and lifting weights, bring your bathing suit and/or workout clothes and ask us for further details.
If you want to make the very best of your course, we've got further advice available ... some suggestions that aren't all vital, but you may wish to follow.

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