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Technical Open Weekend
Presented by Well House Consultants (Lisa and Graham Ellis)
27th and 28th November 2004

• Arrival late morning / early lunchtime for baguettes
• Formal sessions start 13:30
• Sessions through to around 6 p.m.
• Meal at Refa Indian Restaurant, circa 7 to 7:30

• Sessions continue from around 9 a.m.
• Conclusion at lunchtime

Updated after the seminar - I've added some pictures (see picture links on the left hand side) and further links under each topic below so that you can easily locate the material I was using. Thank you everyone - for coming along, for being a truely delightful group and for making it a real pleasure for Lisa and me - Graham

Outline Agenda

• Welcome and schedule
• Well House Consultants
• Books, Internet Access, TV, papers, pens, newsletters, photos
• Where is Open sources - what, when, why
• Portrait of top-notch geeks
• Software copyright and licensing

• "I don't care" ... and the future
• 4 level model
• No more 404
see www.wellho.net/mouth/132_Portrait-of-the-author.html
see www.wellho.net/lerdorf.html
see www.wellho.net/resources/ex.php4?item=h115/sc6.php
see www.wellho.net/resources/ex.php4?item=h112/d404.html

Perl - Objects and OO Design
by Bruce James
see www.custard.demon.co.uk/perl.html (link to downloadable word document)
Many thanks for you talk, Bruce - It was a real pleasure to look at class design through the eyes of Design Patterns - and to see some examples such as Singletons, factories and Phrasebooks. Although I've been writing and designing code for years, the presentation by a different person and from a different angle provided me with great food for thought and I'll be thinking of your perspective in certain upcoming works! Thanks again - Graham

Perl 6
• Why rewrite Perl
• DWIM, topicalisation and more
• Better subs and scope and Objects
• Switch. Not Switch. Switch
• Grammars
• Parrot and upgrade routes
• When?
see www.wellho.net/solutions/ perl-overview-of-what-we-re-expecting-in-perl-6.html
see www.wellho.net/mouth/89_When-will-Perl-6-be-available.html
see www.wellho.net/net/perl-5-to-perl-6.html

• Why Python, where Python?
• Generators and future.
• Qt, Tkinter, Wx, Jython
see www.training-notes.co.uk/python.html

The bigger picture
• Legal aspects of running a web site
• Injection attacks and other security issues
• Near and far strategies
• Making you application user friendly
• Marking your business on the web
see www.wellho.net/downloads/A213.pdf

Training business
• Remote learning
• Certification
• Pricing, reselling, course sizes
• Open Training notes
• Books and other information sources

A Stand Alone Server
• Why do this?
• Apache
• Scripts
see www.wellho.net/solutions/ general-windows-running-apache-and-mysql-from-a-cd.html
This talk and example shows how a server based application can be burnt onto a CD, using only Open Source software that's freely distributable, so that "demo versions" can be made up for use away from the Internet / source network. It was originally written in association with a client who wants to put a "demo CD" in the hands of its sales team, but in practise the distribution is able to run install and support a fully distributed application.

• Why choose MySQL not Oracle
• Licensing issues
• MySQL releases
• Mysql tuning for huge systems
See www.wellho.net/ solutions/mysql-justification-mysql-v-oracle- open-source-v-commercial.html
See //www.wellho.net/ solutions/mysql-management-overview-of-mysql- background-and-philosophies.html

Looking forward to the future
• Pear, Parnassus and CPAN
• Development of the web
• Applications not pages
• Multimedia not pages
• Offshore programming
• C -> Open Source Scripted Apps -> App tailoring
• Virtual machines - .NET v Tomcat v Parrot

Well House plans
• Staying in niche training
• Class sizes and course quality issues
• Java--, Python++, Next??
• Application tuning
• +1 = 3
See www.training-notes.co.uk/index.html

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