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Spike solution - Data extraction and reporting
this example from a Well House Consultants training course
More on this [link]

This example is described in the following article(s):
   • Practical Extraction and Reporting - using Python and Extreme Programming - [link]

This example references the following resources:

Source code: noisesource Module: Y201
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Spike solution - Data extraction and reporting

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Note - a "spike solution" is a test of concept program, without full error
# checking and perhaps a bit scruffy in how it runs and is structured. Under
# extreme programming techniques, code such as that shown below would then
# be refactored to make it robust, maintainable, and to allow the algorithms
# to be shared
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------

# This program takes a SPAM SIGNUP LOG FILE (some sample lines are included)
# and analyses them by country and (if required) by region of country in order
# to generate a spam hotspot table.

# - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

# The following external URLs may provide you with further information on
# aspects of this example

# http://www.iso.org/iso/iso-3166-1_decoding_table.html
# http://www.iso.org/iso/country_names_and_code_elements
# http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/articles/urllib2.shtml
# http://docs.python.org/library/urllib2.html

spamdata = open("spamdata.txt","r").read()

# Sample data from spamdata.txt file:
# 1 RU solomonn test@ckaf.ru Thu, 13 Oct 2011 11:43:13 +0100 Moscow
# 1 CN Moncler outlet xxrrmmssrrmm@gmail.com Thu, 13 Oct 2011 11:45:35 +0100
# 1 RU WhithReutrich bflhaqoixpcx@gmail.com Thu, 13 Oct 2011 11:47:20 +0100 Saint Petersburg

# pick up -v switch from the command line to provide extra data by city / region

import sys
verbose = "-v" in sys.argv
if not verbose: sys.stderr.write("Note - -v flag lets you report by city\n")

import re
import os.path

# Go get the country codes if not mirrored on our server yet
# (could use a test on file time to refresh cache monthly)

if not os.path.exists("iso3166.html"):
        import urllib2
        ccodes = urllib2.urlopen("http://www.iso.org/iso/country_names_and_code_elements")
        isopage = ccodes.read()
        fho = open("iso3166.html","w")

# Extract country codes from ISO database
# Beware - code will need revision if ISO page format changes!

fhi = open("iso3166.html","r")
iso_html = fhi.read()

row_re = re.compile(r"<tr>(.*?)</tr>",re.S)
column_re = re.compile(r"<td>(.*?)</td>",re.S)
country = re.compile(r"\b[A-Z]{2}\b")
lastword = re.compile(r'.*>(.*)')

clookup = {}
rows = row_re.findall(iso_html)
for row in rows:
        columns = column_re.findall(row)
        if len(columns) > 2:
                # print columns[2]; # for testing
                if country.findall(columns[2]):
                        lw = lastword.findall(columns[0])
                        clookup[columns[2]] = lw[0].title()

# Sample data row from ISO database
# <tr>^M
# <td><span class='sortSpan' style='display:none'>3</span>ALBANIA</td>^M
# <td><span class='sortSpan' style='display:none'>4</span>ALBANIE</td>^M
# <td>AL</td>^M
# </tr>^M

# Sort through spam signup request records to analyse and count

city = re.compile(r"\+0100\s(.*)")

bycountry = {}
bycity = {}

for record in spamdata.splitlines():
        if record.find("+0100") < 1: continue
        location = country.findall(record)
        if location:
                c = location[0]
                bycountry[c] = bycountry.get(c,0) +1
                # following code only needed for verbose mode!
                zone = city.findall(record)
                if zone:
                        ci = zone[0]
                        cx = bycity.get(c,{})
                        if not cx: bycity[c] = cx
                        cy = cx.get(ci,0)
                        bycity[c][ci] = cy + 1

# Uncomment next two lines for testing
# print bycountry
# print bycity

# Report, sorted by spammiest country and towns within

countries = bycountry.keys()
countries.sort(lambda x,y: bycountry[y] - bycountry[x])

for country in countries:
        zones = bycity[country]
        cities = zones.keys()
        cities.sort(lambda x,y: zones[y] - zones[x])
        print country, bycountry[country], clookup[country]
        for spamsource in cities:
                ss = spamsource
                if not ss: ss = "[unknown]"
                if verbose: print "\t", ss, zones[spamsource]

""" Sample outputs:

wizard:oct11 graham$ python noisesource
Note - -v flag lets you report by city
RU 41 Russian Federation
CN 38 China
DE 34 Germany
US 17 United States
UA 16 Ukraine
PL 9 Poland
LV 8 Latvia
GE 7 Georgia
FR 6 France
NL 5 Netherlands
AU 4 Australia
KR 4 Korea, Republic Of
DK 3 Denmark
IL 3 Israel
RO 2 Romania
GB 2 United Kingdom
SI 2 Slovenia
BR 1 Brazil
TW 1 Taiwan, Province Of China
NC 1 New Caledonia
CA 1 Canada
GG 1 Guernsey
IN 1 India
SG 1 Singapore
SE 1 Sweden
wizard:oct11 graham$ python noisesource -v
RU 41 Russian Federation
        [unknown] 17
        Saint Petersburg 7
        Moscow 4
        Velikiy Novgorod 3
        Orel 2
        Seversk 2
        Volgograd 2
        Kazan 1
        Chelyabinsk 1
        Zhirkov 1
        Stavropol 1
CN 38 China
        Beijing 18
        [unknown] 4
        Guangzhou 4
        Putian 3
        Shenyang 2
        Shanghai 2
        Jinan 2
        Nanjing 1
        Wuhan 1
        Qingdao 1
DE 34 Germany
        [unknown] 32
        Düsseldorf 1
        Winnenden 1
US 17 United States
        Clarks Summit 8
        Saint Louis 2
        Saint Paul 1
        Fort Worth 1
        Los Angeles 1
        Portland 1
        Florence 1
        Kenmore 1
        Kirkland 1
UA 16 Ukraine
        [unknown] 7
        Kiev 4
        Kiselëv 3
        Kherson 1
        Saltovka 1
PL 9 Poland
        Warsaw 5
        Cracow 4
LV 8 Latvia
        [unknown] 8
GE 7 Georgia
        Tbilisi 7
FR 6 France
        Paris 5
        [unknown] 1
NL 5 Netherlands
        [unknown] 3
        Didam 1
        Group 1
AU 4 Australia
        Sydney 2
        Adelaide 2
KR 4 Korea, Republic Of
        Seocho 2
        [unknown] 1
        Seoul 1
DK 3 Denmark
        Copenhagen 3
IL 3 Israel
        Rehovot 1
        Tel Aviv 1
        Petah Tiqwa 1
RO 2 Romania
        Iasi 2
GB 2 United Kingdom
        [unknown] 2
SI 2 Slovenia
        Slovenj Gradec 2
BR 1 Brazil
        Rio De Janeiro 1
TW 1 Taiwan, Province Of China
        Taipei 1
NC 1 New Caledonia
        Nouméa 1
CA 1 Canada
        Richmond 1
GG 1 Guernsey
        [unknown] 1
IN 1 India
        Bhopal 1
SG 1 Singapore
        Singapore 1
SE 1 Sweden
        Hässleholm 1
wizard:oct11 graham$


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