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Other Standard Library features. example from a Well House Consultants training course
More on Other Standard Library features. [link]
Source code: basics Module: U112
This code lists all global variables (including
standard functions) in your program, descening
recursively into tables

function tellme(offset, story)
        local n,v
        for n,v in pairs(story) do
                if n ~= "loaded" and n ~= "_G" then
                io.write (offset .. n .. " " )
                print (v)
                if type(v) == "table" then
                        tellme(offset .. "--> ",v)


--[[ Sample output

[trainee@holt lm10]$ lua basics
string table: 0x9bc25b8
--> sub function: 0x9bc4d00
--> upper function: 0x9bc4d30
--> len function: 0x9bc4bf8
--> gfind function: 0x9bc4b88
--> rep function: 0x9bc4c98
--> find function: 0x9bc4ae0
--> match function: 0x9bc4c60
--> char function: 0x9bc2618
--> dump function: 0x9bc2650
--> gmatch function: 0x9bc4b88
--> reverse function: 0x9bc4cc8
--> byte function: 0x9bc25e0
--> format function: 0x9bc4b18
--> gsub function: 0x9bc4bc0
--> lower function: 0x9bc4c28
xpcall function: 0x9bc1fb0
package table: 0x9bc2a50
--> preload table: 0x9bc2f38
--> loadlib function: 0x9bc2b30
--> loaders table: 0x9bc2ba0
--> --> 1 function: 0x9bc2c40
--> --> 2 function: 0x9bc2c58
--> --> 4 function: 0x9bc2c88
--> --> 3 function: 0x9bc2c70
--> cpath ./?.so;/usr/lib/lua/5.1/?.so;/usr/lib/lua/5.1/loadall.so
--> config /
--> path ./?.lua;/usr/share/lua/5.1/?.lua;
--> seeall function: 0x9bc2b68
tostring function: 0x9bc1f08
print function: 0x9bc2020
os table: 0x9bc4208
--> exit function: 0x9bc44d8
--> setlocale function: 0x9bc24d8
--> date function: 0x9bc4430
--> getenv function: 0x9bc14e0
--> difftime function: 0x9bc4468
--> remove function: 0x9bc2488
--> time function: 0x9bc2510
--> clock function: 0x9bc43f8
--> tmpname function: 0x9bc2548
--> rename function: 0x9bc24a0
--> execute function: 0x9bc44a0
unpack function: 0x9bc1f78
require function: 0x9bc2fa0
getfenv function: 0x9bc1c48
setmetatable function: 0x9bc1e90
next function: 0x9bc1d68
assert function: 0x9bc1b98
tonumber function: 0x9bc1ed0
io table: 0x9bc3a00
--> lines function: 0x9bc3ef8
--> write function: 0x9bc4020
--> close function: 0x9bc2ab8
--> flush function: 0x9bc2ad0
--> open function: 0x9bc3f10
--> output function: 0x9bc3f48
--> type function: 0x9bc4008
--> read function: 0x9bc3fb8
--> stderr file (0xcff560)
--> stdin file (0xcff420)
--> input function: 0x9bc2ae8
--> stdout file (0xcff4c0)
--> popen function: 0x9bc3f80
--> tmpfile function: 0x9bc3fd0
rawequal function: 0x9bc2058
collectgarbage function: 0x9bc1bd0
arg table: 0x9bc5d38
--> -1 lua
--> 0 basics
getmetatable function: 0x9bc1de0
module function: 0x9bc2d20
rawset function: 0x9bc20c8
ipairs function: 0x9bc19a0
math table: 0x9bc4de8
--> log function: 0x9bc54c0
--> max function: 0x9bc54f0
--> acos function: 0x9bc51c8
--> huge inf
--> ldexp function: 0x9bc5450
--> pi 3.1415926535898
--> cos function: 0x9bc5318
--> tanh function: 0x9bc56f8
--> pow function: 0x9bc5588
--> deg function: 0x9bc5348
--> tan function: 0x9bc5730
--> cosh function: 0x9bc52e0
--> sinh function: 0x9bc5658
--> random function: 0x9bc55e8
--> randomseed function: 0x9bc5620
--> frexp function: 0x9bc5418
--> ceil function: 0x9bc52a8
--> floor function: 0x9bc53a8
--> rad function: 0x9bc55b8
--> abs function: 0x9bc5198
--> sqrt function: 0x9bc56c0
--> modf function: 0x9bc5550
--> asin function: 0x9bc5200
--> min function: 0x9bc5520
--> mod function: 0x9bc53e0
--> fmod function: 0x9bc53e0
--> log10 function: 0x9bc5488
--> atan2 function: 0x9bc5238
--> exp function: 0x9bc5378
--> sin function: 0x9bc5690
--> atan function: 0x9bc5270
debug table: 0x9bc57e8
--> getupvalue function: 0x9bc5bf0
--> debug function: 0x9bc3e10
--> sethook function: 0x9bc5c40
--> getmetatable function: 0x9bc5bd8
--> gethook function: 0x9bc3e40
--> setmetatable function: 0x9bc5cb0
--> setlocal function: 0x9bc5c78
--> traceback function: 0x9bc5d00
--> setfenv function: 0x9bc5c28
--> getinfo function: 0x9bc3e78
--> setupvalue function: 0x9bc5cc8
--> getlocal function: 0x9bc3eb0
--> getregistry function: 0x9bc5ba0
--> getfenv function: 0x9bc3e28
pcall function: 0x9bc1da0
table table: 0x9bc2828
--> setn function: 0x9bc2438
--> insert function: 0x9bc23c8
--> getn function: 0x9bc2358
--> foreachi function: 0x9bc2320
--> maxn function: 0x9bc2390
--> foreach function: 0x9bc22e8
--> concat function: 0x9bc2850
--> sort function: 0x9bc2470
--> remove function: 0x9bc2400
newproxy function: 0x9bc26b0
type function: 0x9bc1f40
coroutine table: 0x9bc2718
--> resume function: 0x9bc2880
--> yield function: 0x9bc2960
--> status function: 0x9bc28f0
--> wrap function: 0x9bc2928
--> create function: 0x9bc2868
--> running function: 0x9bc28b8
select function: 0x9bc1478
gcinfo function: 0x9bc1c10
pairs function: 0x9bc1a00
rawget function: 0x9bc2090
loadstring function: 0x9bc1d30
tellme function: 0x9bc6480
_VERSION Lua 5.1
dofile function: 0x9bc1c88
setfenv function: 0x9bc1e58
load function: 0x9bc1cf8
error function: 0x9bc1cc0
loadfile function: 0x9bc1e20
[trainee@holt lm10]$


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