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We've many years of experience in C and languages derived from it, and we run a range of C and C++ courses in public and for private groups. On this page, we've collected together the C++ and C resources that newcomers use most often. Please bookmark this page, and use it as your "jumping off" point.

Gcc online documentation
Wikipedia on C
C and C++ training (three agendas)
C and C++ Discussion forum
Books on C anc C++
Some longer articles
"Of Course" Newsletter

C, C++ training announcement (May 2005)
The first PUBLIC course will be a two day course on C on 16th and 17th August followed by a two day C++ course on 18th and 19th August. oth courses will be run at our Melksham, Wiltshire training centre with a maximum of just six trainees. Prices are 550 pounds + VAT per person per course - our usual rates, or 990 pounds + VAT for all four days.  For trainees booked by existing customer organisations, I'll add a guarantee - if you're not totally happy with the training received, we won't charge you.

Course descriptions (liable to minor change) for C and C++ are available. Please note that our public courses are quite intensive and assume that you've programmed before (and in the case of C++ that you know C).

PRIVATE courses will be available from the start of July - open slots are currently the week of 11th July, and 25th to 27th July. Although the public courses are for those with prior programming experience, we'll have the resources and material to present "learning to program in ... " type courses in private if you've a group of trainees who have never programmed before. Prices as per our standard rates - simply put your postcode into our onsite training quote form or visit our page about private courses at our centre. I'm offering the same satisfaction guarantee I've given on the public courses.

All training notes and examples will be brand new and written by the tutor - based on many years of experience - and we believe we'll be producing an excellent course.   If you're got specific needs, this is a great opportunity to get in touch with us early, while the material is still under development, and we can tailor the course even more than normal to your needs.

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