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Photography for the Web
Resources from the web site of Well House Consultants on the subject of Photography for the Web. We provide open source training course and business hotel accommodation in Melksham, Wiltshire, England

"A picture paints a thousand words." Indeed it does, but it can also take a thousand times longer to download and the wrong picture can do a thousand times the damage. The articles in this section include a wide range of tips and techniques you may find useful. If you're looking for just nice pictures, look here
Articles and tips on this subjectupdated
3402That spec is a kingfisher ...
The chap next to me in the north hide at Radipole Lake had this most huge zoom lens, I had my compact camera. So please excuse me presenting you with a picture with a spec in the middle and saying "that's a Kingfisher" Actually, when I zoom in, I found that you can make out that it's a Kingfisher. Another ...
3170How far is something pictured from the camera?
Camera shake? No - this is an image with depth - three dimensions. It's a photograph of a train window - and what you're seeing is the reflection of the inside of the carriage. The 'trick' is that the window is double glazed - and you're seeing two images, one being the reflection in the inner pain ...
3104Catering in Syracuse, the Saigon Cafe, stolen images and Christmas
It was - indeed - a lovely buffet that we laid on at our old training centre in 2005 during a Perl course. So we took a picture of it, and included it in our slide show. Other, too, loved the picture and "hotlinked" it from our site into their various Plurks, to the extent that we were getting up to ...
2592Re-using our pictures
With thousands of pictures on our web site, I often get asked for permission to reuse them - and I'm usually very happy to grant such permission. However, a few pictures aren't actually my copyright, and others are used on our site on the understanding that I won't let them be used elsewhere. If you ...
2884Hotlinked images onto adult material sites
Looking through my web server logs earlier this week, I was surprised to see a considerable number of downloads of our images from sites that I had never heard of, and exploring those sites I found that they display - how shall I put it - material that we do not want to associate with. Our images - ...
2252Leaping dog, Leaping horse, copyright of old masters
A picture I took earlier - Gypsy leaping through high grass in the field that also includes the Devizes White Horse. It got me thinking that I have seen other pictures of leaping animals, and also how small the picture subject can become yet still remain the picture subject. Here is "The Leaping Horse" ...
2224Trowbridge - a missed opportunity? Melksham - into the breach?
Trowbridge is the county town of Wiltshire, and it a long and illustrious history, some magnificent Georgian buildings, the River Biss and a canal which brings tourists through the area already. However, I've had to ask Lisa (who is a professional graphic artist) to 'Photoshop' my headline picture ...
553Keep that image small
Remember to keep image sizes down on websites. I know this is a reminder that has been around since the days that we referred to a 56k modem as a fast connection, but it does still matter. People still access your web site through a modem and if you've a busy website, you'll still have an excess to ...
1895Comparison - with and without flash
Do you Use flash to make a bright scene darker? Not necessarily! Here's a picture of Melksham Station taken last Sunday night with the available light: And here's a picture taken a few seconds later, taken with flash: Flash gives extra fill-in light in the foreground, and with camera adjustment ...
1732Old pictures and comparisons
I've always found it very interesting to compare pictures taken at the same location a period apart, but in the glut of 2008 pictures anything from (say) 1908 gets swamped. However - here are two I took the weekend before last - the first being of a history board at the station showing the scene as ...
97What makes a professional photographer?
Earlier this month, we travelled on the "Costa Mediterranean" on a one week cruise, and we snapped hundreds of pictures. Some good, some dubious in their quality to say the least. And during the cruise we attended a most interesting talk by Kevin Gilbert, professional photographer formerly of the White ...
937Display an image from a MySQL database in a web page via PHP
There's lots of clever scripts around to tell you how to get images in and out of databases, but nothing simple to show you the principles of including such an image via (say) PHP in a web page. So here goes. you need TWO URLs - you need the HTML page that's going to contain the image, AND you need ...
1568What colour is the season?
Do you associate seasons with colours? What about the current season? No - something there looks a bit wrong. No - still no right - how about this? Ah - much more like it - it's the start of the Roadwork Season! We have Melksham's centre up for 8 weeks with the two ends of the town linked ...
1506Ongoing Image Copyright Issues, PHP and MySQL solutions
I actually want to encourage people to use my images ... but to do so with permission, which usually means something as simple as a link back you our page which works out for everyone's benefit. A lot of people ask, but some don't seem to know that they should! I've added an ability to "watermark" ...
1396Using PHP to upload images / Store on MySQL database - security questions
Yesterday, the page on our website that shows you how to upload an image from a browser in a PHP script, store the image in a database, and later on retreive and redisplay the image, was visited 250 times. Not bad for such a specific subjec t on what I'll admit is something of an obscure web site. One ...
1194Drawing hands on a clock face - PHP
Would you like to draw clock face hands on to an image (such as the one shown here, with the time in UK when you called the page up!)? It's easier than you think using PHP's GD module. Instead of supplying a fixed image in your <img> tag, provide the URL of a PHP script that reads an image and ...
1188What shape is your shake?
Modern digital technology allows some quite amazing dark-scene photography ... but even these days there are still limits. Alton Towers, earlier today ... see the shape of my camera shake. As you'll see from the picture, I made three attempts and this is the best of the 3 .... Two other pictures ...
1185Themes for the web site
This is one of the pictures that I've used to illustrate the various themes on the new-look website. It's quite an easy one, I'm sure, for you to associate with area of our site, but some of the others are much more obscure. A somewhat less obvious picture, this one! It's a steam engine in action ...
1114PHP Image upload script
"How do I upload an image to my server?" That's a common question and I have provided many answers before ... but today I wrote a very simple script that shows just the pertinent points of uploading an image. <?php if ($_REQUEST[completed] == 1) { $newname = uniqid("whc").".jpg"; ...
1087Telling a story in different ways
The same story can be told in many ways ... and we're telling our story a lot of ways just at the moment. Yesterday was very much a "write the story the way xxxx wants to see it" day - here are three articles written by myself and Lisa in the last 24 hours. 1. When we opened a niche computer software ...
819My projector has a photo-id
Have you ever tried reading a serial number sticker and wondered whether it's an S or a 5, a 0 or an O, a 1 or an I, a B or an 8? So have I! Most recently just an hour or two back when I was calling in to report our BenQ projector faulty (again!) and we went through the usual part number, serial ...
563Merging pictures using PHP and GD
I wanted, regrettably, to fade (tear) one picture into another - a train at Melksham into a picture of a disused railway trackbed. We have one of those nearby at Seend, where the Trowbridge - Devizes - Reading - London train service used to run. Here's another 2 options I looked at: and The ...
194Published Photographer
As the days were getting shorter and the leaves were falling shorter ... a few months back ... an email arrived out of the blue asking if my image of the Caen Hill Locks in Devizes could be used on a company's 2005 calendar. I was flattered - especially when I discovered that the company making the ...
Topics covered in this module
What makes a good web picture.
Reducing picture size and increasing clarity.
Photographs v Graphics, and mixing them.
Picture manipulation.
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