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Programming Standards
Resources from the web site of Well House Consultants on the subject of Programming Standards. We provide open source training course and business hotel accommodation in Melksham, Wiltshire, England

As well as knowing how to program, you need to know hoe to program effectively - with a view to writing your code efficiently, and so that it runs reliably, and can easily be maintained both in the short term and in the longer term as new requirements are born. Very little code is written and maintained by the same person throughout its life, so start off with well commented code that's nicely structured ....
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3685Programming Standards in Lua
I like my freedom to do as I please. But my freedom, thoughtlessly used, can make a lot of work for others, and indeed can restrict their freedom. We need some groundrules - in a programming sense, some coding standards Why have standards? 1. So your colleagues can follow your code 2. So that you ...
2364Getting it right from the start - new programmers
From yesterday's "Learning to Program in Python" - an example of splitting your program into manageable chunks, which is SO IMPORTANT with regard to testing and ongoing maintenance that we introduce the subject even on that first day, with some of the early elements of the language. from utilz import ...
2363Alpaca Case or Camel Case
A very first practical program on our Learning to Program in Python course that started today. Even at this early stage, we teach things like good practise in variable naming - standards such as using a consistent case (e.g. camel case where each intermediate words starts with a capital). I was looking ...
2322Looking for a practical standards course
I'm a great believer in coding standards. In well commented code. In a good choice of variable names, of code re-use, and of thinking before you write. There are points which I stress on every course, even if the majority of the time I spend is on the actual language. So I should not have been surprised ...
1852Perl and Blackberries
"Of course people will use Perl - it's free". No - whilst Perl is freely distributed [under license], that's not the sole reason that people use it. Blackberries, growing in profusion on the roadside at this time of year are free, but that doesn't mean that every motorist going past is going to stop ...
1679PHP - Sanitised application principles for security and useability
When you write a simple web based application, such as a tax calculator, it's always a good ides to echo back the values that your user filled in to the initial form as a part of the response page. That way, anyone who prints out the resulting screen will know just WHAT the question was that the page ...
356Sudoku helper or sudoku cheat
Have you seen the sudoku puzzles that are being published in the Daily Telegraph and (I think) the Los Angeles times? There's a whole group of addicts out there and helper and forum web sites too. Lisa pointed the puzzle out to me recently (no, she's not an addict!) with the thought of providing a ...
1596Selling curry to the chinese takeaway
Have you ever walked into a Chinese Takeaway and sold them three chicken curries with rice? Or gone to your local station and bought three tickets for yesterday? I'll be you haven't - there are certain things that don't work quite the same way when you go negative. I can't carry on once my car has ...
945Code quality counts
We're celebrating Geekmas this weekend ... and we've got a full place. Plus others who are coming in for the day. Really good session yesterday on the good DESIGN of an interactive (scripted) web site that "mines" user information to give a tailored presentation, and a great intro by Paddy to Python's ...
343Should I use structured or object oriented?
There's no "one size fits all" answer to "what's the best way for me to meet this application requirement", and if you're writing code there will be a number of different approached / methodologies you can use. I'm going to have a look at some of the possible choices and relate it to PHP today ... it's ...
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