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Writing Notes
Resources from the web site of Well House Consultants on the subject of Writing Notes. We provide open source training course and business hotel accommodation in Melksham, Wiltshire, England

We write all our own training material - there's currently some 3000 pages of notes available as well as newsletters, this web site and much more. That's a huge investement, but we feel that it's more than worthwhile.
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The Author of the Apache httpd and Tomcat Course

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4031Showing what programming errors look like - web site pitfall
One of the elememts of a programming training course is showing people what happens when something goes wrong. We all make "silly" coding mistakes from time to time, and these often result in a syntax error when we compile (C, C++, Java), start to run (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Lua) or reach the statement ...
4009Clear, concise examples - Ruby classes and objects.
Finding clear, concise examples of how to perform a simple programming task can be surprisingly difficult. "I just want a [Rails] model that doesn't actually use a database table" was an example yesterday. Such shouldn't be difficult, but authors tend to write a simple example and then decide "While ...
4Seeing the wood for the trees.
I write training notes and examples, showing people how things work in Perl / PHP / other languages. Newcomers need short examples to show them the real "nuts and bolts" of how a job is done. Live applications need additional code for error checking, for handling security issues, and to make applications ...
9Study room - the Oxford train
I'm jotting this note offline as I travel up to Oxford - day 2 of a 3 day course covering the deployment of Java in a Tomcat container with an overview of Java itself and a good technology sort-out so that people know their beans from their SDKs, and they recognise a Forrest and Cocoon and Ant ... I ...
7Writing on a Sunday
Is it just the first flush of enthusiasm that has me writing on a Sunday? Probably not! Although I was never a diarist in the days BC (Before Computers), I've felt comfortable sitting down and typing thoughts - well - for the last xx years, and I don't see why I won't carry on doing so for another xx ...
1950Copyright of Training Notes and Web Site
Q: "How can I use your training notes?" On one hand, we invest a lot of time and money writing training notes, and we need to recoup that investment - did you realise that it's commonly accepted that every 1 hour of new training material in our industry requires 10 hours of preparation?. But on the ...
3152Jargon busting
I've been reading a report on a minor railway accident which could have been much more serious - a crane driver swung a piece of rail he was replacing on one track in front of a train that was approaching on another line - [report here], and it struck me as I read just how many abbreviations / acronyms ...
2828Sharing our programs - easy. Sharing our data - harder.
I can - and do - share most of the programs we write during training course here with "you" on our web site, where "you" are past delegates, potential customers, and indeed the world as a whole who may find them useful. Potential customers can see the sort of things we get up to, past delegates can ...
2812What is Perl?
An Experiment .... Perl is a computer language. You write a series of instructions and the computer then performs them. Unless you state otherwise, statements are performed in order. You can, though, have conditional code, loops and calls to blocks of code elsewhere just as in other languages. Perl ...
2481Sample code with errors in it on our web site
Feedback is lifeblood ... ignore it at your peril, and remember that for each person who lets you know you have a problem, a further ten will have noticed and not said anything. From my mailbox: > Your webpage > > > > contains the following ...
2414Hello World - a good traditional start to a Java course
All programming courses, it seems, start with a "Hello World" program. It's almost a tradition and while I'm not one of those people who follows traditions just for their sake, traditions usually are founded on good reason. This one is, and we follow it! When you come new to a programming language, ...
2192Copy writing - allowing for the cut
Act 1 is boring, and sets the scene. Act 2 fills in the plot. In act 3, all the pieces come together and the show was a rising climactic conclusion. And the audience leaves the theatre in a buzz, thrilled and remembering a great evening. The model works well for training courses and presentations ...
2010How long should a training module be?
Our courses are divided into a series of modules ("chapters"). This allows us to mix and match appropriate material for private courses, to modify public courses over the years as some subjects become more mainstream and others get deprecated into backwaters, and to print out and present specific extra ...
979Empty seats, Nodding Donkeys and buses
This has been a tough weekend ... with a mountain of Well House Consultants and Well House Manor issues to be dealt with, but with my eyes off that ball rather more than they should have been because of all the events going on with 'the train'. Friday, and the last commuter service. Saturday, the Santa ...
982Notes from the white board
I come up with my best presentations in front of a class. There's nothing like having the adrennalin flowing to fine tune the way some information is got across, and nothing as good as an inquisitive group of delegate to inspire a new approach. So I end up with some notes on the whiteboard that I ...
797Writing up new C / C++ notes.
There's something about leaving new training modules until I'm very close to the wire before writing them that helps me come up, efficiently, with quality material that I'm happy with for quite a while thereafter. And so it's been this weekend. I've been very much in the C / C++ arena in past years ...
407Theft of training material
We write our own training notes and examples ... and there's one heck of an investment in that. We encourage our customers to use the examples we provide in their work, but we do get more that a little upset on those very rare occasions where a customer starts earning his own living from presenting ...
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We have a technical library of over 700 books on the subjects on which we teach. These books are available for reference at our training centre.

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