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Web Application Deployment module A172
Korn Shell - interactive and programming facilities
Exercises, examples and other material relating to training module A172. This module is presented on Private Courses and Specially Run Courses only

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Korn Shell Scripting - an introduction
Korn Shell - History, storing to file, commands
Korn Shell - Basics

Articles and tips on this subjectupdated
1660Korn shell - some nuggets
I've presented some Korn Shell Training over the last couple of days ,,, and I cut and pasted a few snippets which I thought might be of interest. • Korn Shell - looping through a series of outputs from a command $ for file in `ls`; do > echo $file > done dat_backup dat_backup2 dat_backup3 filestat funky gvar hello_korn kornserver.cgi numtee pippa script_korn selk sharon stroppy townline tracey $ ...
1659String, Integer, Array, Associative Array - ksh variables
• In the Korn Shell, variables default to be being strings ... $ r 26 kay=7 $ r 30 while (( $kay>3 )); do echo $kay kay=$kay-1 done; 7 7-1 7-1-1 7-1-1-1 $ • ... but you can declare them as integers. $ integer kay $ kay=7 $ kay=$kay-1 $ echo $kay $ (( g = 8+8 )) $ echo $g 16 $ h=8+8 $ echo ...
1658Some useful variables and settings in the Korn Shell
Here are some hidden "gems" ... • -C sets "noclobber" mode in which redirects do not overwrite files $ set -C $ $ ls > fred $ ls > fred ksh: cannot create fred: File exists $ set +C $ ls > fred $ • CDPATH lets you change the target for your cd command to a list of directories whihc are ...
1367korn tips - some useful korn shell techniques
1. If you set PS1 to a string that contains a "!" character, then you'll get the current history number reported as part of the prompt. If you want to rerun the same command number 246 later, all you then need to do is type r 246 2. If you're debugging a Korn shell script and want to work out what ...
1365Korn Shell scripts on the web
I know that the Korn shell isn't exactly the most common language for web scripting ;-) .... but if you've got a load of Korn shell scripts and a heap of Korn shell experts ... why not? "How would you do it" I was asked yesterday and I put together a tiny demo to show some of the first principles. ...
1364Korn shell course - resources
I'm running a Korn shell course today and happened to take a "snap" of the resources set out ready for the course start. * Sign in sheet * One laptop computer, with appropriate software, per delegate * One set of course notes, approx 80 pages per day, per delegate * One regular expression mousemat ...
1361Korn shell course
It's been quite a while since I presented a course that majored on the Korn Shell - I know the subject right enough (having written a complete 2 day course that got rave if niche reviews during a previous lifetime), and I jumped at a chance to brush up on my old skills to day, to recall the differences ...
Examples from our training material
dat_backup   Simple shell script to back up file
dat_backup2   Uses bourne shell compatible tests
dat_backup3   Korn shell conditional testing
filestat   Comparing one or two files
funky   Define a function - Korn shell
gvar   ksh - global and local variables
hello_korn   Korn shell commands in a file
kornserver.cgi   Korn shell / web script using CGI
numtee   Korn Shell - numeric (integer) testing
pippa   Setting up and referencing a Ksh array
script_korn   Korn shell script
selk   Korn Shell - Select example
sharon   for loop - Korn Shell
stroppy   String Test Operators
townline   Selects a town ending
tracey   Korn shell array and while loop
Background information
Some modules are available for download as a sample of our material or under an Open Training Notes License for free download from [here].
Topics covered in this module
Introduction to Shells and the Korn Shell.
Korn Shell Basics.
Metacharacters, quoting, pipes and redirection.
Continuation and line splitting.
History. Storing a script in a file.
Startup files.
Builtins, special commands and external commands.
Aliases. Functions.
if, elif and fi.
while, do, done.
Until and for.
case and esac.
break, continue and return.
Arrays in Ksh. Integer Arithmetic.
Logical tests - commands and others
Testing files, numbers and strings.
Handling command line parameters.
Complete learning
If you are looking for a complete course and not just a information on a single subject, visit our Listing and schedule page.

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