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Retiring, March 2020 - sorry, you have missed our final public course.
The Coronavirus situation has lead us to suspend public training - which was on the cards anyway, with no plans to resume

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc
Happily continuing private consultancy / programming work
Regular Open Source Public Courses
We take a maximum of 8 trainees on our scheduled public courses (no minimum - we don't cancel quiet courses), which run at our purpose fitted center at Melksham in Wiltshire - a location we chose for its good transport links, plentiful local accommodation, and sensible cost base. All of our courses are presented by a staff member who's both an IT professional, and a trainer. We're happy for you to pay for the course when you attend (or if you're an established company, we can often offer you 28 days credit) rather than months ahead.

If you're based in Dundee, Montrose, Arbroath or Brechin (or elsewhere in the DD postcode area), you'll have a journey of about 400 miles to our training centre. Almost all of the courses are "niche products", and we believe you'll find it very hard to find the equivalent course in subjects like Python, Tcl/Tk, Ruby, C and C++, Apache/Tomcat, MySQL, PHP, Perl and Linux closer to home, even though it's a bit of a journey to our place.

The majority of our customers choose to stay over during their courses - accommodation and dining facilities in Melksham are excellent, varied and well priced. If you're coming from the Dundee area, you'll probably want to travel to Melksham the evening before the course starts - let us know if you're coming by public transport, and we can collect you from the station or arrange a taxi from the airport and take you to your hotel. We offer a similar return service at the end of the course - you should be able to catch a flight from Bristol that will get you home to Dundee late the same evening.

Our course index and diary provides a schedule of all our public courses, with links to course descriptions. We also have general information about our public courses available, and much more information in our resources centre. If you prefer, please feel free to email us for more information of call us by phone.

We can also run private courses at your office in Dundee, Montrose, Arbroath or Brechin. Quotation and further details available.

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