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Retiring, March 2020 - sorry, you have missed our final public course.
The Coronavirus situation has lead us to suspend public training - which was on the cards anyway, with no plans to resume

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Performance Test
This page is used to test our web server's performance.

The provision of a web page is no longer as simple as just feeding out a flat file when requested. Small adjustments need to be made to content on every page - for example, to give our phone number as you would dial it to reach us. And then on other pages, the names of examples from our training notes will be added in dynamically, allowing further material to be added to our delegate support pages simply by copying files onto the server.

This is a "typical" sample page - just a few things change on it, but it does run through all our mechanisms and so can be used to see how much resource each stage is using. It's of internal use to Well House Consultants staff (and perhaps as a demonstration of a technique to our delegates) ... but the following table won't convey specific phase details to our visitors.

100.47671000 1594424356 .
110.47856000 1594424356 (0.0018)
120.50916700 1594424356 (0.0306)
140.51326000 1594424356 (0.0041)
Starting top of page preps.
150.51365100 1594424356 (0.0004)
Connected to database and handled 'navigation on'.
160.51369500 1594424356 (0.0000)
DDA preference, country, languages handled.
180.55338700 1594424356 (0.0397)
Throttling back systems doing a denial of service.
190.55471300 1594424356 (0.0013)
Recent history database tidied.
200.55474300 1594424356 (0.0000)
'See Also' links evaluated.
210.55559900 1594424356 (0.0009)
User Comments handled.
220.55581600 1594424356 (0.0002)
Course Price table loaded.
230.56475400 1594424356 (0.0089)
User's language preference logged.
240.56509400 1594424356 (0.0003)
Country identified and output tailored.
250.56513500 1594424356 (0.0000)
Side image and world zone set.
260.56517500 1594424356 (0.0000)
Top image and data mine set up for Google arrivals.
270.56518200 1594424356 (0.0000)
Back links calculated.
280.56519500 1594424356 (0.0000)
Amazon referals handled.
290.56531000 1594424356 (0.0001)
Changes to user preferences saved.

If you would like to learn more about PHP techniques such as the ones we use on this page, have a look at our PHP Techniques Workshop.

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