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In response to a note that says "I'm glad to see the blog back" ... Many thanks for your note.

From being so (physically) sick in August that I couldn •[99]t keep a drink of water down if I lifted my head, I •[99]ve come hugely forward - and I •[99]m now somewhat unbalanced and uncoordinated and I can •[99]t hear at all from my right ear. A course of drugs which was a long-shot attempt to save some hearing completed, regrettably with little effect, a day or two back and they •[99]re now clearing out of my system and reducing the after effects and the good news is that I •[99]ll be virtually as effective as I was previously in a few days - the exception being that I •[99]m even more unbalanced and ham handed than I as even before, that I need to sit on the right at meetings, and I have to be very careful doing things like station platform surveys. Having told people (and telling new people to wave if they want my attention!) I can get on with life  •Üas normal •[9d].

Things move on, of course  •æ and blogs are not what they used to be; things have moved to social media such as Facebook which are two-way interactive, rather than a somewhat arrogant approach from a blog where the topic is always chosen by the lead, and others need to follow. However,  •ÜThe Horse •[99]s Mouth •[9d] has also turned into a content feed of resources and articles - things which I learn and don •[99]t want to loose - and I do intend to resume that process - with comment / feedback welcome, and with content being preserved not quite for  •Üposterity •[9d] but certainly for the longer term. There are things which I think of as common knowledge these days which turn out to be anything but - as I go through the stages of life - and if that •[99]s there and of use to people, so be it.

Taking a look at Melksham, there •[99]s a great deal going on - some of it excellent, some of it good, and some of it (frankly) frustrating and picking up over past lapses and failures. We lack total foresight (an impossible thing to have, of course) and so with things like the Campus and public transport we •[99]ve muddled forward in what seems vaguely the right direction, trusting the work to people who probably have more foresight that the rest, but still don •[99]t get it 100%, or find themselves with changing goalposts which result in huge wastes of time, resources, and indeed council and other finance. Different people •[99]s priorities vary too, with a suspicion that a few of them may be more on a personal mission than one in the in the balanced interest of the community. My personal approach is to be moving more towards the specialist stuff of integrated transport choice - with trains, buses, cycles, walking, taxis and private cars all forming very much part of a network - and indeed with private car journeys still outweighing all the others by some considerable margin. So taking less active a role in other issues around the town; it is frankly deeply frustrating to have had the COB put some 2000 hours into developing Campus plans to a stated budget, only to find that the budget has been raided by highways, by other sports groups to the extent that a redesign is necessary - and it •[99]s pretty tough to hear criticism that we were somehow being profligate when we stuck to budget and made hard decisions. Always aware that the community role had the potential for us to become scapegoats or a thin veneer on what the community wanted over what Wiltshire Council decided - but that has to be balanced against the desire to achieve at least something of what works for the community rather than just taking what •[99]s given, appropriate or not.

I •[99]ll add this update to the blog - and I •[99]ll keep posting rather better than I have. REALLY appreciate your feedback too - encourages me, makes it worthwhile - and if it triggers the occasional thought and more knowledgeable decision somewhere, it •[99]s a job well done. If nothing else, it helps me put my own thoughts together, and gives me a posting discipline amongst so much else
(written 2015-09-25)

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Black dog day - and Bobby still seeks his new home
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