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Our Melksham Hotel is not quiet - but we are waiting to give you a quiet welcome. Big difference!

"Are you quiet at the moment?" asked a couple who were staying with us as they ate their breakfast yesterday morning. A sort of concerned way to say "How's business in the recession". The gentleman commented that their car was the only one in our car park ... and he was staggered to learn that we were full, and indeed have been referring people on to other hotels this week.

Melksham Hotel at Dawn.  Hotel full, car park emptyWe're designed to appear quiet. Business guests, and leisure guests who are touring the area (we're close to Lacock, Holt, Longleat, Westbury White Horse, Caen Hill and Bath amongst many other places) don't want to be searching for a parking space, waiting for a table, or woken by phones ringing and other guests. They want a quiet night's sleep, plenty of space in their room, fast internet access, plenty of hot water in the shower, flexible timing for breakfast, and a member of our team to be available as required to help with questions about the town, attractions around, and perhaps to arrange a taxi or give them directions to the company they're visiting.

So I'm grinning to myself this morning to to have an empty car park and - once again - a full hotel. Guests from the other side of England. Guests from mainland Europe (a chance for me to speak in French), and guests from North America too. Some are here on a course. Others are walking about a kilometre to where they've got business, and I'm expecting a single taxi as the sum total of vehicles. Thank goodness we re-arranged our driveway when we bought Well House Manor to allow for in - collect - out, as well as in - stay.

Bedroom 4, December 2011Many people who live in Melksham aren't aware of us. And that's because our main products - hotel rooms and IT Training Courses - serve a very wide market that stretches far from the town (indeed, who stays in a hotel in their home town?). So what's behind that quiet facade above? Here's a picture inside one of our five bedrooms to give the inquistitive reader a view. If you live locally, do pop in and see us - we're open every afternoon for Cream Teas, and we're home to a museum for Melksham too.

However you arrive at Well House Manor, you'll be welcome. Whether you're coming to see Wiltshire, to visit a business that's nearby, to see friends and relatives, or to attend a function. Although we're full this week (and Saturday night too), we don't oversell ("I had trouble finding you - you're not in all the standard booking engines") so we're very likely to have vacancies if you book a couple of weeks ahead. We look forward to welcoming you.

(written 2012-08-09, updated 2012-08-11)

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A busy day at Well House Manor - so come in and make it even busier!
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A busy day at Well House Manor - so come in and make it even busier!
Our Melksham Hotel is not quiet - but we are waiting to give you a quiet welcome. Big difference!
Traversing a directory in Perl
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