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At the end of the course

Into the sun

Already, the days are getting shorter. At the end of the Python Course, I walked along the canal with one of our delegates who - wisely - decided to stop an extra night and drive home to East Yorkshire fresh at the start of a new day, rather than drive home tired after a very full four days in which he - and other delegates - went from "what's this programming lark all about" through to having some useful little utilities written and the route ahead planned for develop able, maintainable code!.

The home made Lamb and Rosemary pie at "The Magpies" was lovely, the vegetables ideally crisp, the dog sat quietly (for the most part) under the table while we ate. Although I finish the course exhausted from teaching, I also finish it feeling very rewarded ... there are now people down to the south of our county, in South East London, and up north who have learned a lot, are enthused, and are going to be able to develop themselves further - making good use of Python straight away, and really effective use of it with a bit of practise.
(written 2009-08-19, updated 2009-08-23)

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