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[view] Market Square
[view] Town Hall
[view] Phone box and Post Box
[view] Kings Arms
[view] Shops in Georgian Buildings
[view] Electrical Store
[view] Gate to Masonic Hall
[view] Masonic Hall
[view] Roundhouse
[view] Princes Square beside Roundhouse
[view] Melksham Tourist Information Centre
[view] Canon Square
[view] War Memorial
[view] St Michaels and all Saints Church
[view] Church
[view] Graveyard, Lychgate, Church Tower
[view] Stile to Nature Reserve
[view] River Avon in Melksham
[view] Bridge over the Avon, Melksham
[view] Town Bridge and Avonside Centre
[view] Melksham Sluice, river Avon
[view] Cooper Tires, Melksham
[view] War memorial at Avon Tyres (Cooper Tires)
[view] Underpass and wall art
[view] In the yard at Cooper Avon Tires
[view] Melksham Station
[view] A house on the main A350
[view] Foundry Close, Aldi and McDonalds
[view] Spring at the Riverside
[view] Bridge over the Avon - watching swans
[view] Upstream from Melksham
[view] The Riverside Walk
[view] On the walk from Melksham Station to the Forest
[view] House at Melksham Forest
[view] Clackers Brook
[view] Sheltered Housing near Queensway
[view] Spring Blooms off Spa Road
[view] Rope Walk
[view] An old house beside Melksham Wharf
[view] Solicitors office
[view] Regency Housing, Melksham
[view] Rachael Fowler Centre
[view] Town Hall
[view] Cornerstone and Procol - Market Square
[view] The Tavern, Melksham
[view] Southbrook, near Dunch Lane
[view] Footbridge over South Brook
[view] Beanacre Manor, Beanacre
[view] A Stile near Beanacre
[view] Pillbox - World War 2 defensive position
[view] A muddy gateway in Melksham Without
[view] Melksham Electricity Station, Lacock
[view] Shaw Church
[view] Sheep
[view] Shaw School and Church
[view] Bus Stop
[view] Canal near Semington
[view] Semington Lock No. 15
[view] Bridge House B and B and tea room, Semington
[view] Swing bridge over the canal
[view] The Barge at Seend
[view] Bull in Semington farmyard
[view] The walk to the Pack Horse Bridge
[view] Pack Horse Bridge, River Avon in flood
[view] Riding near Whitley / Roman Road
[view] Semington Workhouse
[view] Daffodils at Well House Manor, Spa Road
[view] Woolmore Manor / Farm
[view] Melksham Oak School
[view] Derelict farmyard, Woolmore
[view] Cycle and Foot entrance, Melksham Oak
[view] A house near Melksham Oak
[view] New Pedestrian Crossing, Bowerhill
[view] Roof at Woolmore Farm
[view] Spa Houses, Melksham
[view] George Ward School
[view] Pack Horse Bridge, River Avon
[view] Train to Cheltenham
[view] Building the new houses
[view] Canon Square and war memorial
[view] Walking Home on the Riverside Walk
[view] Spa House
[view] Pond at Conigre Mead Nature Reserve
[view] Melksham Cemetry
[view] Sports Hall, Melksham Oak Community College
[view] Woolmore Manor
[view] Melksham Oak School replaces George Ward School
[view] Woolmore Manor and Farm
[view] Traffic queueing towards Melksham Oak School
[view] A group of Faresaver buses in Melksham
[view] A Bedroom at Well House Manor
[view] Well House Manor Hotel - bedroom 2
[view] Reception - Well House Manor - Business Hotel
[view] Spa Road in the winter
[view] The Spa Surgery
[view] Bath Road
[view] The Red Lion
[view] Cooper Avon Tires / Avon Rubber
[view] Melksham Station
[view] Well House Manor, Spa Road
[view] Fields behind The Spa
[view] Bowerhill Lane
[view] Melksham Tuesday Market
[view] Melksham Food Festival Launch
[view] Launch of Melksham Food Festival
[view] Looking at plans for Melkshams future
[view] Planning for Melksham
[view] The Market Square from the Town Hall
[view] Consultation Exhibition by the Community Area Partnership
[view] Novocast, Melksham Railway Station Approach
[view] Christmas lights
[view] Longford Road at Christmas
[view] Town Hall with Christmas lights
[view] Countrywide Farmers during old mill demolition
[view] Avonside
[view] The Spa across the fields
[view] Christie Miller Sports Centre - the old RAF Melksham
[view] Kings Street

Images of the Melksham Area - This is one of a series of pages put together to show you around the town on Melksham, Wiltshire. Melksham was mentioned in the Doomesday book and was - 200 years ago - the biggest town for many miles. After a period of slower growth, it's growing again now and you'll fine a mix of ancient and modern in this friendly place.

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