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Bridge over the River Avon

Canon Square, Melksham

Party in the Park

A public footpath in Melksham

The Spa Houses, Melksham

St. Michael's Church, Melksham

Market Place and Town Hall

Town Crier and Escort

Well House Manor Hotel

Conigre Mead Nature Reserve

Christie Miller Sports Centre

The evening train from Melksham
Upcoming Business Events - 10th July 2020
About this diaryMelksham HotelsGetting to Melksham.
Well House Consultants supports the Melksham Chamber of Commerce ... a part of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce. This is a Melksham / Chamber diary, with links to the latest business news and other diary events from the rest of our web site.

#4738 - Melksham Chamber of Commerce - my final Presidents report
From last night ... Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry. President's report to AGM 9.5.2017 Written by Graham Ellis I'm stepping down this evening from the position of President of the Melksham Chamber of Commerce. Traditionally, this role is held for a year or two; I had the honour of bein ....

#4672 - Annual review of Melksham Matters for Chamber of Commerce AGM
So much has happened in the last 12 months in Melksham that I don't know where to start. I'm missing the AGM on Tuesday 17th (18:00 at Well House Manor / open to all), so sending in my report by email - composed and checked from Saudi Arabia! At the general election almost exactly a year ago, Mic ....

#4399 - The Campus in Melksham - name, logo, and livery choice
What should the new Melksham Campus be called? How should it look and feel? The arts and heritage subgroup of the Community Operations Board took a look at this, with professional help, a year or so back and came to some conclusions about building the community into the whole fabric of the buildin ....

#4278 - Future Swindon - Westbury train services. At current level into the future?
This post has been prepared on behalf of the Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as resolved at their meeting on May 20th 2014. The Department for Transport is consulting with stakeholders about how train services should be run in the South West of England and South Wales from 2015 to 2020 ....

#4170 - Herman Miller coming to Melksham - the Chamber of Commerce is briefed
It's always good to have to get more chairs out ;-) ... A very interesting presentation to the Chamber of Commerce this evening, when Graham Dean of Herman Miller told us why the company has chosen a site in Melksham for their new UK facility, shifting most of their existing employees from their Ba ....

#4164 - Melksham Market - every Tuesday
Great to see pictures of a new Melksham Market - in Church Street Car Park as from today   Every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. My thanks to Hayley Spencer of Komix for permission to use her pictures (I'm in Manchester this week) ... I'll be looking at the market next week and hopefully us ....

#4151 - Tell me a bit about Melksham
• New Resident? • Visiting the town on business? • Tourist? • Looking for things for your visiting relatives to do? • Visiting the town to see where your forefathers lived? • Considering a move to Melksham? • Coming here on an exchange visit? Lots of reaso ....

#4103 - Questions from children about Melksham Campus
Children ask us the most challenging of questions... here are some addressed to the chair of the "Melksham SCOB" - in other words to chap who's spearheading much of the Melksham Campus thought locally. 1) When are facilities being moved and will they stay the same? Will any be added to or taken ....

#4097 - Melksham Chamber of Commerce - Report for AGM, 21st May 2013
What an eventful year! On the development of Melksham for the future, progress has been substantial on the Campus project, and the canal has moved forward. Big new businesses such as Herman Miller and Castle Combe International are moving to town, and smaller businesses are setting up and / or movin ....

#4046 - Over a hundred welcoming businesses - Melksham Town Centre
Melksham can celebrate a hundred open-for-business doors (shops and services) in its High Street area - I know that because I walked around early this morning, pushing flyers for the Chamber of Commerce meeting that's happening on Tuesday evening through letter boxes. There's a great deal going on ....

#4041 - Report on the last year - Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Melksham Without Parish Council
The last 12 months have seen the Chambers of Commerce in Wessex undergo a radical restructure, with the Melksham Chamber's reliance on the central services of the Wessex Association in Trowbridge much reduced, with our admin and secretarial services returned to Melksham. The Chamber works closely w ....

#4014 - Costa Coffee in Melksham - is it a good idea?
Originally written, 13:00 on 22nd Feb. Updated / minor corrections that evening. Additional comments added to answer feedback - 11:20, 23rd Feb. See base of article I love Melksham - it's a town of friendly people who welcomed us when we moved here in 1999, and in turn I try to give a warm welco ....

#4002 - Images of Melksham you havent seen before
At Tuesday's Chamber of Commerce meeting, we were talking about pictures of Melksham for a 2014 calendar, and for the Chamber publicity ... and since then I've looked through some 8000 images I took in 2012. It's surprising how few are exactly right for what''s needed ... but I did find a sel ....

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