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The Tcl programming language

expect Log file
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code coverage tool for tcl / tk
Expect hangs!!!
Mysql using TCL
Windows COM port communication with Expect
crc16 calculation
grep for lines between words in a file
Reading arrays using EXPECT
reading a file
Using tclvars
Executing a Tcl script from within a Tcl dialog
Need help in Expectscript in reading array or file
Execution Flow
Embedding Tcl in C
curly bracers
problem with if structure
store timestamp result in a variable
sending ctrl+z
Calling proc from command line
parsing output buffer
How to compare a string and a numeral
How to replace a string with blank spaces in a fil
finding the timestamp
Ping Result Storage
space removal
Simple question (sorry)
TCL programs via cronjob ?
connection timedout
checking an attribute
text area and adding a scrollbar problem
check button question
Splitting a string
TCL & C linker problem
spawn telnet is giving problem in windows but it i
Expect - Installation Woes
Accessing an array within a class using itcl
Newbie question, Expect
I got stuck while logon via expect!
Problem with Expect in shell script
How to get widget's name?
How to get widget's name?
Newbie question, Expect
couldn't compile regular expression pattern: quant
how to expect two patterns and perform the same ac
creating variables on the fly
spawn telnet is giving problem in windows but it i
Forcing a command to be completed
loading oratcl from starkit
handling multiple processes
Using Expect to get cisco running configs
unintended pattern matching
Problem with Expect in shell script
expect, automate ssh login
echoing commands while in interact
new telnet session
Sending serial data
Monitoring a process
How to chomp in tcl?
where did the output go?
How to load a DLL built by MS VC++ in tcl file?
help needed
use of tcl in VxWorks platform
logging certain portions of output
Writing capture output to a file
Sending commands to particular process
simultaneous expect problem
Sending commands to particular process
Expect and PATH
clean up used processes
tcl string works
TCL question - accessing same-directory files
Need help in looping expect
Telnet after ssh
Expect question - send commands to an xterm shell
Automating an SSH connection Expect-Style
TK error - button command within a procedure
challenge response with expect
challenge response with expect
Array elements inside proc
Passing array to a proc
Timing output capture
OO in Expect
Temporary toplevel without caption bar
Waiting for the result when running expect script
Outputting in colors
TCL - Comparison between numerals
Compilation issuse .... Any ptrs ??
Compilation issuse .... Any ptrs ??
invalid command name else error
create dir,file in expect
shell env variable in expect
textvariables for entries can't be global?
add leading zeros to a variable?
Reg: Expect error
TCL regexp
Unattended Install-root password
Integrating Tcl/Tk with C/C++
wat may be the possible cause ?
Remote procedure call
how to start the first program
integrate Tcl/Tk - C++
Tcl-Dp package installation problem !!!
program architecture
to associate Tk entry value with spawn
Expect with Cron failed
Is Tcl Recursive?
Serial port 'pretends' to work!
How to spawn a session in new window using expectk
can't read "expect_out(buffer)": no such variable
ssh using expect
How to ssh and execute a particular command
Extracting list args passed to a procedure
redirect the output of a tcl command to a variable
extension of TCL with C
How to call a proc and not wait for it's return
Count files of particular type in a folder
problem with fcopy
expect not working on Linux
tcl proc to string match data to the stdout data
Pattern seraching/matching
Do you offer any course in India?
reading particular lines of a file
lreplace add extra {} in my result
package needed for keylget
Expect: Parsing/evaluating lines of numbers
Using Tcltest for Tk GUI
searching the exact term
Expect / telnet skips characters
Issues installing 8.4 with pthread enabled
expect_out(buffer) not giving output to local m/c
problems with supporting arrow key in tclsh
Openning a file with current date & time appended
Help! TCL automation issue
itcl for commercial use
How can I detect an open com port?
expect script writing partial output to the file
spawn and  foreach in expect
Probelm about link script in VC++
Problems with programming simple timer in Tcl
Serial I/O Fileevent  - vwait always req'd?
Tcl implemented in hardware?
switch and variables - no comparison/matching?
TCL in CNC world
Serial Port: is my code wrong or something else?
Re: expect script aborting in the middle.
Serial Port RS232
I'm from China
telnet, expect and the web
Respond to remote events
Detecting end of spawn output
script cannot run after psftp from Windows XP
Output console text to printer
source + spawn + proc + expect = got me
Interfacing the WEB server with TCL
telnet hangs
Calling a file during telnet expect
who has a good tools for tcl?
tcl debugger
Difference between a 'binary string" and a "string
Processing output after Spawning in Expect
Bizzare serial port output
Difference in content of two files
External variables
installing expect TCl on solaris 5.8
Regexp help
Using expect with tcl
Unintelligible behaviour of tk_dialog function
reg parsing
Extracting bit-fields from binary
reg variable
save output into file
list directories
executable tcl script's creating problem
Perl code can be embedded in Tcl?
How to installing the BLT extension
Removing control characters using tcl
Doubt in this IF-ELSE code
mounting/unmounting scsi
String Comparison
Issues about running tcl scripts as a testsuite
Passing arrays in and out of procedures
Customize font in tk_messageBox dialog
errors while embedding tcl in c
reading a hex number and freq
File Searching
regexp for multi line matching
expect log file
asking for expect which used to interact program?
starting a background process
How to use expect in local machine
command for getting current time with milliseconds
Extracting numerals from expect_out(buffer)
Unable to capture the entire result in expect_out(
Array names - variable substitution
Regular expression
printing current line number
using interact
Problem with sending password
Expect prompt
Is it possible to define "proc" outside the file?
how to split string w/variable # of spaces
Taking Control from Expect and returning control?
what does prompt "(%|#|\\$|%]) $" stands for
defining global variable for Proc
Expect - cannot send F11 keypress to Linux Firefox
How to communicate with the device using Serial po
expect_out(buffer) Size
regexp help
Please try to turn C structures into Tcl objects.
Expect - Simultaneous pattern matching
prevent echo
how to send the correct escape character in expect
Puts output is being shifted to the right ...
Expect - how to spawn a file read operation
How to clear out the expect_out(buffer)
trouble with expecting and regular expressions
String functions in TCL
Expect script terminating too early
Unable to interact from within a proc
Assigning Expect script results to a variable???
run: expect from bash vs. shell-utils from expect
Returning values from Expect scripts
How to run  cmd command??
Query w.r.t foreach
How to send ASCII control characters
Is it possible to use .h files in tcl?
Calling expect from bash (or other shell)
Exiting from interact (Expect)
how to use & in Active tcl
Script Display
File handling in TCL
freewrap and swig???
tk help needed
SSH using expect
formate command for date time and year.
output is being iterated ?
Silencing output from Tcl (silencing set?)
global array not available in loop??
Expect poops out when much output is sent
tcl sleep command
Problem using TclPro,a tcl debugger
expect(iing) via ssh to a down box
date on expect
problem about TclDOM
cc not found on issuing  the  make command
Running Expect from Windows to Unix
how to let a GUI size depend on the monitor size
general help with tcl/expect
Display a value in an entry box
Automatic running tkcon with any script?
TCL Hanging
TCL http
TCL Socket with async
Expect window
expect output overwrite
Tcl socket client
Regexp problem
Expect: Reading i/p without waiting for [Enter]
How to detect a running application in Windows?
problem with exec statement
tcl, c/c++ interface problems
Compile time, time stamp under ActiveState'sTclApp
Using untrusted data
Socket prog. problem
Regexp - space or tab but not either!
Expect and parameters with $
Control Multiple Spawn telnetthrough single script
Output is not clear
a simple query
staring an xetrm
Expect --> Bash --> Script
expect log file
using multiple spwans for diff commands
Output to stdout: hidden in Komodo 3.0 ?
Question about 'clock format' command
Questions about expect
extracting a pattern
Interprocess communication
serial input - with MS windows
Kill a process
spawning telnet from a procedure
Setting of global variables in expect
Intermittent failure with telnet
foreach loop does not use array order
tcl under expect
Using an array value as another array name
Doubt forming a variable in a foreach
expect logic
How to continue a loop
xy78piwwdhlsearch with []
Expect nc smtp server
Help with waiting for expression
basic regexp problem
to send a "enter command" to the device through Ex
Is it necessary to logout or close spawn process
Char "^M" at end of each line in output file
Auto documented Tcl code - is it possible?
Text Colors
regarding expect_out(buffer)
Christmas is coming...
Trying to send a "-" minus sign through exp_send
How to redirect send result back to Linux box
calling procedures
Hot keys in tcl/tk GUI: enabling and disabling
COMMAND ENTRIES in menus: enabling and disabling
Socket programming in Tcl
exec command
Long expect command is appearing slowly
Handling asynchronous events in Tcl-C
Expect and Win2K Pro: install error
using list variables in commands
BWidget PanedWindow: changing size of frames
returning to a specific upper lever
capturing  standard error for a spawned process
Expect: system only has a finite number of ptys
extract a block of data
Displaying an xterm inside a Tk window
single script handling two processes in two diff p
To start two telnets
Killing process generated by separate thread
Regexp and expect
ssh using expect
Help ASAP: is TCL mendatory for Expect?
Error when running C++ application with 'exec'
Handling long running processes in tk
Accessing return value from expect in unix shell
ccrypt with expect
Plain old TCL/Expect for Windows
using "interact" for inter process communication
FreeWrap: running wrapped Tcl program troubles
Calling expect through shell
file handling in tcl
Using expect between Unix and Windows
can't read "expect_out(buffer)": no such variable
Window is always on top. How?
telnet and ssh login simaltaniously in expect
how to save result of command execution in file in
how to remove newline char from a string
Ftp over telnet over expect
Array of Arrays
Another telnet login failure with expect
telnet login using expect
spawn from a spawned process
Identify Expect disconnection
webpage -> script.php -> script.exp  time problem
Using Expect with cron
spawn failing
reading windows event logs
TCL proc size limits
calling  a Expect Procedure from Unix Shell Script
Problems with small numbers
Sending '*' as an argument
Tcl commands execution from two fifferent files
select multiple files
How function can returns floating-point values
info regarding timeout in case of expect
canvas text  - changing the font size
read data from file and display at tk entry
embedded form
White space
Expect error
file conversion
expect -i speed issue
Tcl/tk 8.4
Garbage chars after remote login
Multi-threaded TCL -- HELPPPP
problem with entry widget
Toplevel and ScrollBar
regexp and subvars
wide integers?
Processing hex input in Expect
Tk problem with binding menus
Dynamic switch statements
how do I install Tlc/tk?
Help with a cron job
gets of multi-key stroke (Alt-F5)
Expect monitoring
Passing array values as parameters
Not able to encrypt/read passwords
How TCL can be used over Vxworks
How can I kill process Id's from within "Expect"
Jython:How  to replace parameters in URL path?
Tk Geometry strings
lappend huge data
listbox question
Passing lists into procedures
egrep from a variabl
Expect Segfaulting
EXPECT Help!!!
variable declaration only
Piping commands in TCLSH
how to store data in array
TCL/Expect XML
creating packages in Expect
Access violation with Tcl_EvalFIle
Long String to ASCII
Tcl Syntax checking.
How to use global variable in one namespace?
Managing errors in a different language
Closing clients?
how to debug
ActiveTcl Pro studio - opinions sought
Using a List to create an entry in a regexp
Display history of Script file
From MySQL to a TCL list
how to express this event
How to specify which NIC to use?
Error ! child process exited abnormally.
telnet through expect functions
Accuracy Of Tcl Calculations
TCL8.4 Sockets not passing data until closed
Tcl & Expect
Using command line args in TCL/Expect for Windows
Install and Use on W2K
Call back procedures and the TK Button Command
eof kills my script
Falt Tolerance for bad connections
integrating C and Tcl
Quiz: source [ locate myscript.tcl] doesn't work..
Foreach loop inside a foreach loop
Cywing and Tk/Wish
Pulling a list out of a proceedure
Using regexp to parse data
FTP app in Wish me in this program
expects doesnt catch all output, large response
Sockets in TCL
Listing files in Tcl
Arithmetic computation in Tcl
Tk/Wish Script problem
Web Front - TCL/Expect Telnet Backend
Expect: capture unix cmd into var over ssh
simultenious telnet sessions with Expect
Testing SNMPv3 using Tcl
Small maths errors in Tcl
how to set text widget read-only regions ?
how to update tcl/tk in my program?
freezing output
search each word in each line in the file
newbie needs 'expect' help
suspend then background process run from expect
binding rectangles with different procedures
how to use scrollbars for canvas
can't read "expect_out(buffer)": no such variable
binding rectangles in tk-canvas
expect reading in a list????
Expect and SSH in Cygwin
HELP! (Please)
LoG File Error
CGI server side Tcl script
Problem with capturing output from mkpasswd
serial port input control
Reading keyboard without waiting for [return]
Decimal to Hexadecimal conversion
Tcl loops and conditionals
Generating checksum - processing at byte level
How To refresh a canvas
can anybody help me with a chess game program
There are some defunct processes after close socke
Expect for Windows
where is output
Moving object
How to import GIF file format ?
how to arm a timer
tcl : installing tcl extention
canvas border
Almost same Problem
put a toplevel always on top
help with redirectioning output
Using both literals and variables in regexp
command queue
expect already running process
Help with exp_send command
interact command not working
what all do i need !!!
Timing diagram!!
Moved: gui for freebsd
Scanning an ASP web page
TCL Expect for Windows 95/ Windows 98
strange chars in expect log_file
Scan an image with TCL/TK code
use return value of a script in the expect script
what does set w .session$s_id mean?
Expect regexp output to another process
expect "multiple processes" "interact vth console"
need help about canvas and tags...
Problem with expect/spawn on Linux
Tcl/Tl initialization in Windows
Tcl functionality not working in Expect
Configuring TIX
Random Number generator
"open(slave pty): bad file number" error
Regular Expressions
Help: To install tcl and expect on Linux system
tcl/tk & C++
Rounding Down in Tcl
change the coordinates for a line
Tcl from C (error)
Expect - bad command trap
tcl bug
tk canvas question
how to avoid too much substitution
Using Tcl as a CGI lang with Apache and Cygwin
Button with changing bitmap
returning from interact
expect and multiple processes
Getting Network Layer packet details
expect on a socket
tcl read & puts & fconfigure problem
Tcl Arrays
Scrollbar Colors
Substitute to "trap" command in linux for windows
Re: need some help
I need help with tcl
GUI problem....
How do I find my process ID?
Linking tcl and fortran
delayed evaluation for tk callbacks?
job control in expect with ssh
globally refresh text-related widgets?
How would you go about this?
keeping arrays and databases consistent?
accessing return value in expect
forcing variable (not command) substitution?
running multiple ssh instances asynchronously?
error why?
Save Procedure help
Looping down rather than up
Authentication using SSH
Expect for Microsoft O/S
I want see content of folder
Help wanted for using "Scan" command
about tcl procedure
about tcl procedure
Help for Pocket PC devices
Pattern matching
Specifying a log file name at the command prompt
Reading from the expect out buffer
Printing the line number.
???Loading own DLLs
Procedure with variable number of arguments
Expect for OSX
Expect script that gets into loop
expect:   spawn telnet from unix to windows
Wait time in a socket connection
Use of lindex in tcl
Using variables defined inside the procedure
Calling TCL 8.4 functions from TCL 8.0
Expect for TCL 8.4
TCL writing/reading to several files
logging users for 10 minutes
searching a string for tcl/tk
exec date usage in expect
Checking whether process is running or not
EXpect:storing multiple names to print out
cursor text in tcl/expect
Debug problem
Backslash sequence inTcl
Expect/TCL:Cannot read the script file from GUI
Usage of send in expect/tcl
Reading from Expect out buffer
No Split Words
Calling a telnet application at the button click
Reading out from expect_out
invalid command name
Tcl/Tk Bubblesort
tixComboBox - changing elements
expect, expect_before and expect_after
Can I combine Expect and Tk
Network (TCP) client in Tcl
TCL Array Syntax problems
String match to \
regex matching with regexp
The 8 most common errors ....
Portability and reliability of Tcl
Tcl/Tk Automation
What is Expect / a sample
Splitting a file into pieces
upvar - do I need to use it?
Books on Tcl. Tcl/Tk and Expect
Tracing a variable in Tcl
Tk - specifying commands on a widget
Everything is a command in Tcl

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