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Programming in Python and Ruby

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Python key error
Formatting SQL output
Awkward looking code
Variable scope in Python
Exception Handling
python with tomcat on windows
In Mysql, longblob is not storing more than 200kb
keyboard and mouse event
Python Imaging Library (PIL)
not able to access accessor function generated by
Sound control
could any one change this code to php
Zope and Plone Training - with or without Python
Unicode support in Ruby
Regular expressions - findall or split?
The future of Python
installation of rails off the rails!
Should I use from or import?
Game Programming with Python trouble
Win32API and GetFileVersionInfo
object relationships
Unable to put the plugins of Python in Eclipse3.1
Ruby: OpenGL | GNUT
python and pyqt
Jython:replace value with another value
Exception while running jython script
Jython:How  to replace parameters in URL path?
Python Challenge
Common Python questions
fancy code reviewing some python ?
what is the difference between range & xrange (py)
doubt in python program
Everything is an object
What can Phyton Really do?
Building sites with Zope and Python
Do you do Jython training?
Huge files in Python - over 4 Gbytes
hy "print >>" is wrong
CGI tables in Ruby
PyQt - Example
Python - Sort Order
Sorting a dictionary in Python
Python and SQL / the DB API and Gadfly
Running shell commands from Python
Where do add an exception block
How far from your Python?
Printing out currencies in Python
Python comes to Opentalk! (RG25, 25th December 03)
New release of Ruby (SN12 20040103)
A Rosette for Ruby (NN10, 20030910)
What is Ruby? (LL57, 7th Oct 2003)

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