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For 2021 - online Python 3 training - see ((here)).

Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
We can now offer tailored online training - small groups, real tutors - works really well for groups of 4 to 14 delegates. Anywhere in the world; course language English.

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python 2, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc.
Writing PHP

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Sessions Problem
PHP Workshop for the hobbyist / club user
Uploading images/other binaries to MySQL via PHP
.inc files
Data can't be inserted into Access database
Defensive OO Programing in PHP
ob_start() is inactive !!
Creatin fields in a table from an array
Array Push to skip first line
Retain the data on "Back Button " click of Browser
Saving image as base64
Using a redirect in a PHP mail form
Using a redirect in a PHP mail form
'Proper' PhP
reading image from mysql
PHP and Google Maps API
PHP - processing images as mySQL Blobs
How to grab the databse of other sites databse
Images from a database, Multiple images per page
php passing and assigning variables
php ignore html
#define in PHP
I need to block users from creating an account...
date of the last added Link
xml and php problem
Security and safemode
Session question
Manipulation of pdf files thr php
PHP, Basic flat file shout box HELP
function to add HTML tags to text
preg_match to validate form
resize image before saving to mysql as blob
Sending mail with a order from a customer
any one help me to convert this code to php
Image and form upload
Inserting an image as a blob in PHP
Trouble with a Calendar Script
PHP and Regular Expressions
Regarding "last updated"
Uploading images to a website using PHP
Count links under a category
Simple Integration Method PHP trouble
Blob Images with Functions
Benchmarking code
Cusor postion in textcontrol with java script
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Seeking Freelance PHP/MySQL Coder
Character Encoding in PHP
URL variable passing proble:
PHP Version?
Top ten downloads
premature end of script headers
String searching
HTTP_REFERER nothing there?
MySQL Upload Script
Writing RE in PHP 5
Extracting html form input elements
serve files from PHP
addslashes() & stripslashes() question
removing carriage returns/line feeds/line breaks
Looking for a freelance PHP/MySQL programmer
Quotes in Variable escaping Form Value
Notice: Undefined index: error in script
looking for ImageGif
Inserting data into a database
Telnet from PHP
how to make cursor work twice
Querying multiple table
tidy xslt
using the correct tools?
PHP Website Hosting
Digging out embedded tags with preg_match_all()
Validate HTML offline on LAMP Dev Server
Splitting Strings
Assigning variables by value and reference
Concat and Declare variable in Oracleusing OCI
Concat and Declare variable in Oracleusing OCI
executing package not working
Databse Owner
How to avoid Resource_ID Error ?
Oracle Package Bind Error
Resource Id Error
// indicating 'currentpage' state with PHP/CSS
Passing a URL variable
Warning: Cannot modify header information
open file, change content, save file
Does a particular URL exist?
outputing images from a php script,help.
Clearing history, cookies and cache files from PHP
Email Addresses for a particular company
Sendmail goes to-BUlk-folder
Wanted - include relative to include
301 redirect
Email Notification
Reading file contents
Looking 4 PHP function to load + display page.
Moved: Looking for a php professional
Using the header function
Help please! User Password  
ociplogon problem
Problem on user varification?
To Retrive clob datatype using oci funtions in php
How to Travese a xml string
Protect Files
regular expression help
Grab information from another Website
Regular Expression Problem
Trouble with MySQL command in script
Deleting a cookie
Objects, multithreaded web servers and persistance
summing a row in mysql
Random image in a web page via PHP?
Data truncation copying from file to mySQL table
My PHP tags aren't being interpretted
Why the error?
9 ways of sorting plus 2
yahoo maps
TripleDES encryption
pack and unpack
PHP/SMTP Mail Problem
Webserver permissions and PHP
Help - input used to go to sendmail now to file
retrieving blobs with names
decoding entities in PHP
Which books to choose ?
public beta testing of PHP Editor
email with required fields
Arrays (?) and URLs
Using convert_uuencode to store images in MySQL DB
Help passing variables
php.ini under Mac OS X
hivalidation on submit
Valdiating Forms Using preg_match
Portability - questions for new programmers
PHP - GD - ImageMAP - Problems
Passing PHP Variables in a URL
submit button
is XSLT available in PHP?
Warning: Unknown():
PHP & Prolog
Sending info to a new page
shopping list in PHP
math equation in php
php sql problem
PHP ereg()
History and background
Looking for a script in PHP
Html / PHP form into MySQL DB
Writing form field names to text file
Using a Form to write variables to a php page
Refreshing a page with PHP
Cloaked redirection
Redirect to another page
Script works online, but not locally??
Multi-dimensional arrays
Loop Problem
Count query in MySQL
Resource id #3 - no data from simple queries
To use .gif, .png or .jpg?
MySQL Security
Objects in PHP5
Spot the mistake??
create html table WITHOUT pear
create php table to input a  string Can you hel ?
Jazzing up PHP Emails!
addition of time
login script - tips/security
Moved: My root account is messed up - what can I do?
Cookies 101 with a twist
Adding spaces to a string
Uploading an image
Trying to refresh page
PHP & sendmail frustration
getdate () problem
program file extension .php4
Pulling data from a mySql table
Clearing/resetting a page
mysql error
Code misses out when data has spaces
Quickie on preg_match
Link to site not working ??
php counter for web pages
really stupid question
select-option list
counting the number if params passed to function
Email from PHP
Where is php.ini under Mac OSX
Deleting duplicates from an array
strip_tags stripping hyphen
Trouble pulling data using reg exp.
iffy if statement ?
math in php / mysql
Failing to write all data to file
deleting a file from within a php script
Sending PDF File to Browser via PHP
How long can a string be?
Warning stat failed for...
I need some input
error message
Release 4.3.1
DIRNAME (php 4.3.0)
User input and other checking
New PHP release
PHP Books
Which browser is being used?
Regular exressions in PHP
Searching a string for HTML tags
Using the back button in Netscape
Passing many SQL queries to one mysql_query
Removing last character of a string
Array query
Counting character groups in a string?
keyword searches
Retreiving a web page in PHP
PHP Form Processing Template
What is '&new'  ?
Making every page on a site into PHP
Session demo in a nutshell
Handling Comman Separated Variables in PHP
PHP Warnings
Incompatability in 4.1.2 over 4.0.x
Passing variables from page to page
Using booleans in PHP
Sending form variables to a text file
I cannot access MySQL from PHP
Passwords for MySQL; a conundrum??
PHP Independent of database - How?
Writing form variables to a file
use strict

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