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For 2021 - online Python 3 training - see ((here)).

Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
We can now offer tailored online training - small groups, real tutors - works really well for groups of 4 to 14 delegates. Anywhere in the world; course language English.

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python 2, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc.
Perl Programming

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Reading multiple lines after a pattern match
Time out setting
how to make permanent button
Cookies or ?
Field comparison
hostname substitution to form url in xml
Earth to Graham
Perl.exe Entry Point Not Found
Perl.exe Entry Point Not Found
Help on this perl requirement
Error while using use srict
Local and GMT Time Difference
Command to find LOC
find and replace
group the similar item
Ping code
Perl and mySQL select probmes
working with csv columns in Perl
parsing using 2d array
code for accessing columns
Counting the occurance of an element ian array
Stop Words
how to read log and display in csv file using perl
Adding comma(,) after every number+ perl
Regarding how to use time interval in ms.
Using perl how to open the browser page
Using perl how to open the browser page
Module or Library File
question about array
working data sorting
dd command along with ftp in perl
redirest FTP output to a text file using perl
Renaming and Editing Multiple files
read file character by character
FTP using perl
Using a character string count
how to extract the abbreviation from a given text
Odd linebreak
Yet another question about merging files
perl Script for connecting remote computer
counts ans summary the duplicates
merge two CSV file's data in one CSV File
copying the contents within the links
Server Side Includes
Read INI
finding position other than 1st using index
Replacing parts of lines
problem in do until loop
how to join two sets of data?
Matches and mismatches in perl
help in perl
help in perl
Perl and SSH2 problem
whats wrong??
Please Help on Perl Scripting.
how to get clusters
how to get clusters
how to get clusters
How to download files in Perl
How to get the mean?
How to take the data from array
Dealing with a large number of dictionaries.
Creating a random series of numbers with perl.
PERL Script to extract the data from word pad.
PERL  program
reading multiple lines
Need Your help
any other way?
user input
first 2 words only!!!!!!!!!!!!
removing and counting duplicates in file
to make work faster??
populating hash from a file??
populating hash from a file??
discard the first line
input from another program
help on data retrival
fragment of data extraction
file writing
to find the matches
csv file to table file
to move in a line
Mysql in Perl
Perl and HMTL Code Fix
error in execution.
Help convert from c shell to perl
filehandlers in perl
Error with CGI on Tomcat
search for a word and store next 2 decimal numbers
Help on perl module
A question about user input
LWP::UserAgent Get a page after authenicating SSL
wats wrong in this expression
How to read a Word file and parse data
reguler exprssion
how to get jus the dna sequnce
creating relations between tables
how to parsse this
How Convert Cross Link ID using Perl
how to change?
send a variable from perl to html
Calling a perl script from another perl script
adding comas and newline into write out data
How to check this? :(
ssh using exec()
whats the error?
re-arranging file info and written into another fi
executing command
Erasing an array..
Mechanism of foreach iteration..
Comin out of a directory..
Back references
Renaming files
modifying files..
any option other than substr
using reg exp with index()
display content in file to listbox
graphing with perl
find modified file since a specific date
Setting up multiple directories
HTML Tokeparser problem
How to install a module in local linux machine
how to link html file from perl program
CHMOD query
Replace block of HTML
how to read and display from csv file using perl
Parent process unable to read messages from child
trying to create test file of existing cgi page --
CGIWrap encountered an error  
A case of a missing file that is somehow refrenced
Variable call subroutine?
Modifying a perl file upload script to handle 10 f
Extracting difference in hours...
unable to calculate file size greater than 1 GB us
merging files with similar records
adjust volume?
DB Files
Module to grab html pages
Perl - Bit Manipulation
How to write a module?
Extract first 20 words
parsing of 8bit binary data bitwise  
Conversion of Hex bytes to binary and vice versa
Help in regular expression
BB Code
Brain Hurts .. Forcing PERL to write to a logfil
Parsing of Hex bytes in Perl
reading latest file
Column alignment
detecting bots shoppers
Summation of file size according to user
Perl - remove unwanted lines
parsing outlook public folders
passing a variable from PERL into an HTML form
Simple Exact string match
Perl to export tab delimted file to Quattro Pro
Loop query
single to multiple users
Importing a regular expression from a file
Upgrading ActiveState Perl
Perl help needed
Net::FTP and forks, Win32
Moved: Just try to solveit, if you can solve
FTP GET for a large file from mainframe.
Finding Modified dir's top level (Windows
Expiry Script
DBI module missing
Calling external programs
Connecting to MySQL over an unreliable network
Emailing from Perl on Windows platforms
Slicing a long number
Cheers etc.
Perl and .NET Cryptography
Linebreaking in html
help with getOpts
help with creating 2D array in perl requested
stuck making a small change to a script
cannot move file using file::copy module
simple reg exp
perl code for btree
detecting browser cookies
More details link to reveal a data column
Perl CGI scripts with SSI in Tomcat
How to clean up week old log files using perl
Perl and MYSQL
how to close a comport in perl?
SSI inside an SSI
Running Perl CGI scripts under Apache Tomcat
Very Very Urgent
Happy Christmas
Regular Expression Help
Windows Mailer
reading a text file and extracting info
Removing blank columns in csv file
Missing modules problem on host
vnukelog from within Perl
CGItemp files
Perl and Guestbook
Perl and excel file HELP PLZ
setting Sticky bit on perl script
Perl and XML
FTP from Perl?
Please find me a solution with this problem
amazing Perl "one liner"
email email
Detecting if file is Macintosh, Windows or Unix
RegEx in scalar
IO::Socket::INET same port
Tk button auto repeat
How to create a file with specific date and time
Send variable to another file
Using Grep to search through an array ?
replace text in a large text file
Is this possible?
sequence file into a numeric file
Cleaning out files for a specified user
How to use Perl references?
Use Perl to create symlinks
Issue with Grep
work on files in a directory
Eights and nines
please help us to beta-test new Perl Editor
Problem with localtime
problem installing perl modules
scp in perl5(unix)  most urgent
CHMOD a perl script created file
Finding the latest version number
Writting a script to break a file
Attach text file to email
Unliked characters
sorting the spread sheet
Hash of FileNames and FileHandlers
Playing Wav/Mp3s when users visit my Perl site
How to split a file but not line by line
Executing External commands on Unix
Sorting a list of hashes
convert xyz cordinates to distance
Like a real navigator ?
Is this a hash in an SQL insert statement?
Reduce the time taken for Huge Log files
Passing several lists to a sub
Moved: UK Perl Job
updating a file
Simple script to strip out MD5 checksums
perl script
how to tokenize in perl
Delete specific file in directory.
Using CPAN
Filter Large Log Files.
HTML code in Perl
Help with this code please
Perl Regex One-Liner To Substitute Multiline Text
Question regarding %_ ?
perl coding standards
segment a text using Perl (help TreeTagger)
get input onchange into link
Is there most correct way save http request as xml
shortest match between XML tags
Safety of actevex by ActiveState PerlCtrl
Read all but the first line from a file
change a perl prog
using one installation of perl from many machines
converting from c-shell
Single quoted command. OK in test, fails in CGI
How to Modify the Windows Registry
Dialling codes for Ireland - a quick Perl Script
perl basic
Eliminate single blank lines
Address Book
MCpan error
of course
HTML link define variable for search script?
Fonctionnement Perl/Tkto
Send a sound...
how to compare word for word
Retired web pages
Moved: MIB
Perl / Database
User creation and password setting in Perl code
Processing email "bounce backs"
Extracting some fields from a data File
Need some help with CGI script to automate ssh
Gradual output from cgi script
public beta testing of EnginSite Perl Editor.
Ping from Perl?
Interpolating text from a file
merging two files
extracting from an ascii file
(bmp, ...) 2 jpg
Excel Download Perl CGI
How to generate an error message and exit
convert a MS Word doc into multiple HTML pages
Using Perl to compile Java
Capturing repeating values in reg exp!
mod_perl config problem with apache ?
References and variables in Perl - a summary
Monitoring a Perl program
Operating on every scalar in a list
patterns in patterns
empty file on upload
Help please with Perl + regular expressions
Editing multiple files
Image attributes from external server?
Finding Internet Explorer version number
Identifying a web site visitor
Perl & a Database
Authentication problems
subset a list
HTML entity encoding
GD - GD::Graph
Elusive bug, modified yabb
Reading the Registry (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft windows - what version is running?
"AND" and "OR" in regular expressions
perl modules for c libraries
Sorting Data
Removing duplicate lines with a regular expression
Perl script to Auto config Browser
CDS regions: hashes vs. Set::IntSpan
Odd variable naming question
Moved: calling system() in cgi
detecting drives
Sensing when a user leaves a web site
Aaaaaaargh! I am losing my head!
Extracting for notification
Capturing STDERR with backtics
Text formatting
Question about converting time
cross referencing
RegEx problem - finding EOL
Array references
Language parsing
max array size
Calling one cgi script from within another
Looking for the Paragraph subroutine
Cannot install perl module on Linux RH 8
Server response
Looking for book examples
Installing Perl 5.8 from rpm
Use of qq{ to prevent Mysql injection
Standard Class
() [] {} or <> ?
Greedy v Global on regular expressions
Overwriting files
return part of a string that matches a pattern?
New line characters - beware!
Deleting a file
Do something at least once!
Finding all matches to a Regular Expression
Variable formatting - beyond printf?
Another large text file example
Say what you mean in regular expressions
Reformatting question
Running another app with a changed environment
How pass a variable from a form to a subroutine
crypt function~disallow the '/' character
Finding big files in or below a directory
Text strings - single or double quotes?
Technical Overview - Perl 6
Regular Expression Efficiency
Fastest way to replace chars
Short Perl/Tk example
how to create a two-dimensional array?
change file contents to a character array
What is "tieing"?
System calls with perl2exe
Perl 6
reading rc files
CPAN Module without root
New Perl release
What does "-e" mean in an if?
Sample Regular Expressions
Emailing from a Perl program
Testing if a variable is numeric
Use of this forum - ask those "odd" questions

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