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We introduced a forum - "Opentalk" - for our delegates a decade ago. In those days, help was hard to come by and it was a really active and useful service. However, technology has moved on and there's many more sources out there - most people simply "Google" their problem and have it fixed within a few minutes ... and the need for a forum melts away. There is some very interesting material that's still relevant in the archives - you'll find it easily via Google. And you are very welcome indeed to email me to ask questions to follow up on your course. Our past delegates are our ambassadors and we want you to stay in touch.
Opentalk - Previous forum
The Opentalk forum was a bulletin board where you could post questions and hold discussions about open source programming languages. We are in the process or archiving this forum and are no longer accepting new registrations - see our new, improved Ask the tutor service.
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These boards are intended for newcomers to the open source languages, and also for the "typical user" who writes or maintains PHP, Perl, MySQL, Python, Tcl/Tk, Ruby or Java as just a part of his/her job. If you're a "geek", we would be delighted if you read the posts and answer enquiries, but please support our efforts to make this a straighforward, friendly and non-intimidating board.

Help on the use of this board is available in the following categories:
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Opentalk is run using the open source "YaBB" (Yet Another Bulletin Board) application. Although we're perfectly capable of writing and maintaining our own board, we strongly support the sharing ethos of the open source world, and it wouldn't be the best use of our resources to "re-invent the wheel".
Why do we use YaBB?
It's robust, reliable, flexible, and offers the facilities and security that we want to offer you here. It so happens that it's written in Perl, but that doesn't affect the user; it could equally be written using PHP, Tcl or any other language that's available on our server. YaBB is getting rather old-in-the-tooth these days, though, and we may be switching to other software such as SMF in the future, which we already use with great effect on sites we sponsor such as our First Great Western Customer Site.

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