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What spec machine for Fedora?

Posted by Chris_Isaac (Chris Isaac), 30 June 2004

I'm going to install Fedora on an old PC of mine, its a pentium 2 233, with 4GB HDD and 48MB Ram.  Should this machine cope with this?

Incidently I would like to use the machine to collect mail, filter it also perhaps as a small webserver (test purposes only).



Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 30 June 2004
Quote from Red Hat Linux and Fedora unleashed:

"For the current release, your PC should have at least a 200 MHz Pentium cpu, 650 Mb hard disc space and 64 Mb RAM for using (and installing) Fedora without a graphic interface. For obvious reasons, a faster cpu ... (etc) are desired.  Servers and development workstations require more storage and RAM"

They go on to suggest the Debian distribution for smaller machines.  ....  they also go on to comment that a bottom-of-possible-specs machine is suitable for many purposes, including handlling email, and as an intranet web server.

Posted by Chris_Isaac (Chris Isaac), 1 July 2004
Thanks Graham, I'm a bit low on the RAM but as I'm not going to be putting the box under much strain I'll Give it a go.

Thanks again.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 3 January 2005
An update - a couple of weeks ago, I loaded the latest Fedora Core release (the full system with all the CDs) onto a fairly low spec laptop (it was bottom of the range when we bought it a couple of years back) ... went on and runs with no problem.

I allowed 1Gbyte for / and /var and 7Gbytes for /usr; 1 Gbyte of swap, and all the rest to /home. Disc partitions were occupied as follows when the build was complete:
/ - 300 Mb
/var - 300 Mb
/usr - 6 Gb
/home 30 Mb

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