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Posted by namtt (namtt), 26 December 2005
I intend to study about programming game.
I'm going to start with OpenGL and use Borland C++.
Is this a correct choice?
Does anyone have experience about this problem?
And if anyone want to become a game programmer , what do they have to study?
Thanks in anyway

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 26 December 2005
It sounds to me like a good choice of language and graphics library - although I'm not personally into games programming.  It is, though, a very wide field and you'll find some people advocate other langauages such as Python for some games development - see Sean Riley for example.

Posted by namtt (namtt), 27 December 2005
Now , I'm studying C++ and I don't want to study anymore language at this time(C++ are complex with me).
But I don't know that it's nessesary to study Photoshop or CoreDraw or something about design,isn't it?

Posted by TedH (TedH), 31 December 2005
"But I don't know that it's nessesary to study Photoshop or CoreDraw or something about design,isn't it?" ....

I think Graham will agree that the programming side and visual creative side are two completely different disciplines. Artistic creativity is almost the total opposite of logic programming. To do well in putting together the software which runs the graphics is an objective exercise. To create those graphics so they work and look good with each other is a subjective experience involving color, position and movement.

My suggestion would be to bring in an artist for that side of things. Close collaboration between you both is most important. But realise that you will think one way and the artist 'feel' another.

- Ted

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 1 January 2006
Wise words, Ted.  Putting a web site together is very much a multi-discipline job and it seems logical that game programming is too. You might want to add an expertise at "time and motion" and an expertise at physics is you're writing a lifelike game too. It's very rare indeed to find all the skills in just one person ....

Posted by TedH (TedH), 1 January 2006
Yeah Graham. Physics - human movement in relationship to it's environment (also in motion) is extremely complex.

The mathmatics of that is not on one level. More spherical (hundreds of spheres) than single plane. Most programs are probably single plane - going backward, forwards and/or sideways but not up and down with various angles thrown in for good measure.

I guess it would be kind of like scores of cubic databases never staying in one place for more than a second. The programming to handle all that .... aaargh - right, that's my artistic brain fried for a bit.

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