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"Can I email a technical question?"

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 5 January 2003
Well ... yes,  you could email a technical question to the board administrator or to any of the other posters who has left their email address visible, but you're much more likely to get a good, well thought answer if you post to the board.

Personally, I do my best to post a follow up to questions on the board within a day, and I make an effort to make the answers thorough and to mention any related issues too - that way, I'm building up a resource of answers that others may find useful.

If you email me, I'll typically send you a shorter answer and it will take a little longer - perhaps 2 or 3 days and sometimes I won't have a chance to answer if I'm really busy.  It's quite depressing the number of questions that I'm asked where the writer doesn't even give me the correct email address to reply to and I end up writing, sending my answer and getting an automated bounce message.  This is probably frustrating for the questioner too, who probably thinks I'm a rude s**t for not answering!

If there's a good reason to email rather than post me a question (for example, if sample code contains confidential information),  then I'll tend to answer it quicker than the average email.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 8 January 2006
An update ... things have moved from "busy" to "mad busy", and I now ask people who are NOT Well House Consultants customers  to post on opentalk rather than email if they're looking for free technical support.

Remember - if you post on Opentalk we're helping each other - YOU get an answer to your PHP / Perl / Python / Ruby / MySQL questions, and I get your assistance in helping build up this public database.

Posted by stewartlee (stewartlee), 13 May 2007
Hello, I have just joined your forum and I have some problems with the 'Setting your colour theme through PHP' and I have been trying to make this code work with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, as I own a website and a vast majority of people use both browsers.
The problem is that I have 7 different coloured themes to use and I've been adding:

<?php if ($_REQUEST[settheme] == 1) { ?>

under every line along with the css code but each time I've been entering a different number like this:

<?php if ($_REQUEST[settheme] == 3) { ?>
<?php if ($_REQUEST[settheme] == 4) { ?>
...and so on

And for some reason it's working on Firefox but it's not working on Internet Explorer, it just shows a blank page.

How can I keep on adding different numbers, on yuor tutorial it only allows you to show 2 coloured themes, what if I wanted to add more? How would I do that?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 13 May 2007
For multiple themes, you would do better to use a switch rather than a series of if-s and else-s ... are you happy with that in PHP?

As regard to the IE problem - it probably relates to the style that your generating; Internet Explorer has some differences in its style and you need (I'm afraid) to allow for those - in your position, I would be checking the style first in some hard coded test files, and then adding it in to the PHP.

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