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Current Train Running - First Great Western

First Great Western - current and recent issues

This diagram shows late notice cancellations and other changes to First Great Western train services, as notified within the last two hours.
Trains are shown from start to end point "as the crow flies" ...

Events that may stop you travelling as you intended ...
Red - Cancelled Completely (0)
Blue - Short working (0)
Green - Skipping Stops (0)

Events that may othewise degrade your journey
Orange - Short train (0)
Yellow - Catering Change (0)
Grey - Other change (e.g. extra stops, reinstated)

The thicker the line, the more services affected. Trains shown with a coloured dot at their endpoints have already completed their journeys (or were scheduled to have done so!). Trains shown with a black dot are still timetabled to be running, or may not yet have started their journey.

The numbers of services indicated by the totals above may be in excess of the number show to the right. This is because a train that (say) has no buffet and is only running part of its route will just be coloured to the right for "partial route" only.

Links on the right marked "more" provide links for services that are not running their full route only
Report at Wednesday 19th January 2022 00:43

Affected trains:
(See more details at the Coffeee Shop)
A total of 0 trains

To see the full official report of each train currently being reported, see here on the official First Great Western site. To see a report (text only) for the last 48 hours, see here on the Save the Train site.

This page is provided by a customer of First Great Western using freely available information. We also host the First Great Western Coffeeshop - a forum where customers of First Great Western can discuss issues relating to trains and travel in the Thames Valley, South West of England, Cotswolds and South Wales. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure that this page is accurate, we cannot take any responsibility for any shortfall on data or errors that creep in.

Note - I wrote this page as a demonstration to show some features in use on our PHP courses that we run in Melksham, in Wiltshire - a town of 24,000 from which First have withdrawn most trains, leaving us with just 2 each way daily. Some 40% of our customers used to arrive in the town by train ... but now it's the car, the bus or the taxi. What a shame - and what a shortsighted decision by someone (not necessarily First)!