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This is a demonstration application as taught on our PHP Techniques course - showing you how to make the best use of PHP's facilities to provide a robust, neat, multipage application that's clean and easy to maintain.

You are welcome to experiment with this page - enter data, try it out, etc - and also (if you're a programmer) to have a look at the source code - start here - to see how it works

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Example from Well House Consultants
Phone: +44 (0) 1225 708225 Copyright © 2008
This is a training example that uses the 4 layer model to handle a series of pages as follows:
• Page 1 - user identifies himself and his department
• Page 2 - user describes incidents
• Page 3 - user has logged out

Enter logout on page 2 as the incident when you're done

stages.php - top level file
stages.htp - look and feel (template) - web helper functions - finish up from stage x - prepare for stage x