Interactive business / room status

As part of our hotel operation, we need to have a simple set of status flags available on our staff pages at Well House Manor which can be updated by any member of our team who's logged in to the system.

1 - service2 - awaiting3 - open4 - open5 - open

This demonstration shows how our room flags work, and you are welcome to "play" with it too since this in not the live data copy. You won't see the live data unless to happen to be a staff member who is logged in. (Link to staff resources)
The statuses we have chosen to use:

• "open" - room is available for hire
• "let" - room is currently hires, with guest checked in
• "service" - room has been vacated, but is not yet ready for next guest
• "waiting" - room is reserved for guest who is expected.

Well House Consultants publishes sample code to show how this system works as part of their training courses. Please let us know if you would like to learn how to do ths for your own site or have us help you