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Well House Consultants run Well House Manor - a high quality hotel in Melksham if you're a business visitor, touring Wiltshire, or looking for a quiet base for a family visit. We also run Courses in Perl, PHP, Python and other open source languages

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5549Cycling on the Wilts and Berks canalCycling on the Wilts and Berks canal
5496Wilts an Berks CanalWilts an Berks Canal
5478Oxford CanalOxford Canal
5438Canal near Freddies WoodCanal near Freddies Wood
5436Mud towards the canalMud towards the canal
5353Wilts and Berks Canal at Woottonn BassettWilts and Berks Canal at Woottonn Bassett
5351Wilts and Berks Canal (restored section)Wilts and Berks Canal (restored section)
5350Disused Canal, TockenhamDisused Canal, Tockenham
5347Cyclists on the Wilts and Berks CanalCyclists on the Wilts and Berks Canal

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