Make your business a destination business
and help make Melksham a destination
An Introduction

I'm Graham Ellis, and I was recently elected as President of Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber helps and promotes businesses and businesses' interests in all sectors in Melksham, and is a member of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce, giving us a wider voice at Unitary Authority and Countrywide level, and effective nationwide business information to diseminate to our members.

I would like to encourage YOUR business to join Melksham Chamber of Commerce.

What is the Chamber doing? What can the Chamber do for you?

Networking Events
Local Discounts
Local Marketing
Current Project - Mapping the town
Planning and Development - reviewing and inputs
Current Project - Forum
Keeping Businesses Informed
New Business Competition
Inputs to Unitary Authority and Government
Area Boards
Spot the Oddity
Quiz Nights
Working for Melksham Businesses
Come along to any of our public meetings, or book for one of our network events, to learn more. Membership costs as little as £65.40 per annum for small companies ... and as little as 60p per staff member per annum if you have 1000 staff!

Overleaf ... upcoming events ...

Upcoming dates for your diary

Thursday, 23rd April. From 07:00 to 09:00 - Networking breakfast for Melksham businesses to be held at Well House Manor. Members - £10, non Members £15. Keynote speaker - Andrew Jackson on how to network effectively with a chance to put what he tells you right into practise! Non-members limited to one event of this type per annum

Tuesday, 12th May. Starting at 18:30 - brief AGM, followed by guest speaker David Baker - Area Director of the Trowbridge Chamber who set his first business in the 1989 recession sharing his experiences of "working with the cards he was dealt". Venue: Well House Manor. All Welcome

Tuesday, 19th May "How to do business with Wiltshire". Meet an officer of the new Unitary Council to advise you (one on one) how your business can work with or become a supplier to the new authority. Members only

Tuesday, 26th May Area Board Workshop / new Unitary Council Area Boards - how do they work and how can you work with them? 2pm to 5pm in Melksham. Arranged by associate organisation for members of invited groups only

Tuesday, 23rd June. From 12:00 to 14:00 - Networking lunch for Melksham businesses. Members - £10, non Members £15. Keynote speaker under the "Make your business a destination business" umbrella. Non-members limited to one event of this type per annum

Other Events that welcome Melksham members include:
21st April - Going Green for Business, Frome
22nd April - Hustings on Sustainable Public Transport, Trowbridge
24th April - "Think Calne" business lunch in - you guessed it - Calne
28th April - Commercial Waste and Recycling Workshop, Devizes
29th April - Derelict Properties Fires / A risk to business, Trowbridge
30th April - Commercial Waste and Recycling Workshop, Trowbridge

Links and connections

For an up to date diary of Chamber of Commerce and business events in Melksham, and local business articles, please visit:

My wife Lisa and I run a destination business! The map on the front shows you where the visitors to our web site came from yesterday - to our Melksham based site. We run a computer training company, and delegates who attend courses wouldn't be in Melksham otherwise ... eating at the local restaurants, buying from the shops, staying in the town too. We also provide accommodation for visitors to other Melksham businesses at Well House Manor. You may think that's not a "destination business" but you would be surprised; our guests choose to make us their destination when they're in the area, and delegates who come on courses make us their destination for weekends away ... and even for their honeymoon!
• See for the training business
• See for Well House Manor ("Hotel")

Your Chamber Contacts:
Chairman - Colin Harrison - 0845 094 3558
President - Graham Ellis - 01225 708225 -
Vice President - Brenda Harte - 01225 716300
Secretary - Ann-Marie Escott - 01225 355553 -