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[view] Celebrating 20 years of MRDG
[view] Lacock Abbey
[view] Connections all around the UK (Birmingham)
[view] Posters along the line - Westbury
[view] Parking and access problems
[view] Kennet and Avon Canal at Staverton
[view] Swindon and Cricklade Railway
[view] Train and housing at Melksham
[view] Old and new Routemaster buses at Imber
[view] Planning and recoring plans
[view] Corsham - An old mine
[view] Countryside around Melksham
[view] TransWilts at Chippenham
[view] Meetings at County Hall, Trowbridge
[view] Connecting at Hayes and Harlington
[view] Bus at Melksham Station - see, it CAN be done!
[view] TransWilts at site of Lacock Halt
[view] Advertising at Swindon
[view] Train at Trowbridge
[view] Planter at Warminster
[view] Connections at Westbury
[view] Shunting at Westbury
[view] River Avon at Chippenham
[view] Severn Beach Station
[view] The Bear, Melksham
[view] Much better service than it used to be
[view] 90th birthday morning
[view] Rolfe Brindle tends the station garden
[view] Thamesdown buses connect with the trains in Swindon
[view] Imber Bus Running Day
[view] Another busy train
[view] All change at Swindon
[view] Melksham Church
[view] Whaddon Church - outside
[view] Whaddon Church - stained glass
[view] WiFi comein to our trains
[view] Helping customer help themselves
[view] Swindon Designer Outlet Centre
[view] Walking dogs near the TransWilts
[view] Brunel drawing office (?) Chippenham
[view] Seniors event, Melksham
[view] New footbridge and lifts at Chippenham
[view] Frome - for a bus meeting
[view] Ripe for adoption - Swindon ~ Station
[view] Room for another track - Chippenham
[view] train for Chippenham and Swindon
[view] Planning for effective volunteer support
[view] Audience for Paul's presnentation at Corsham
[view] Waiting for the train at Melksham
[view] Connecting from Cheltenham
[view] King George V Park, Melksham
[view] A Gnome looks over the wall
[view] A good meal in a Melksham pub
[view] New Green Machine - internal of a refurbished HST
[view] TransWilts Guided walk leader
[view] Melksham has lots of antique shops
[view] Returning home from Swindon
[view] Riding home on the TransWilts train
[view] Well House Manor - TransWilts HQ
[view] Melksham - improved facilites
[view] Melksham Independent News
[view] Planning in Melksham
[view] Bowling in Melksham
[view] History in Swindon
[view] Transport in the Outlet Centre, swindon
[view] Buses in Warmisnter
[view] Paul Johnson, John Hamley and Peter Blackburn
[view] Paul Johnson presents at Corsham
[view] Bradford Junction where the TransWilts branches off
[view] TransWilts leaflets and publicity
[view] Strawberry Line, Yatton
[view] Old livery, new footbridge, Chippenahm
[view] Old London buses run from Warminster Station to Imber once a year
[view] New look train at Melksham
[view] ACoRP (Martin Yallop) at Melksham
[view] ACoRP meeting at the DfT
[view] A meeting on the way to Reading
[view] Railfuture meeting, Yatton Station
[view] At Melksham, joining the train for Swindon
[view] Steam! museum, Swindon
[view] Plenty of free parking at Melksham Station
[view] Post of historic rail at Chippenham
[view] Shape of things to come
[view] Salisbury old station
[view] Speaking on BBC Wiltshire
[view] Melksham Pack Horse Bridge
[view] Cricket Pavillion fire, Melksham
[view] Fishing place, River Avon, Melksham
[view] Neighnourhood Plan Consultation, Melksham
[view] Blue Plaque Walk, Melksham
[view] Help point - getting problems fixed
[view] Advertising posters and leaflets
[view] Melksham Rail Developemnt Group becomes Melksham Rail User Group
[view] Swindon Railway Village
[view] Melksham Spa Houses
[view] Salisbury station
[view] Melksham Station
[view] Blunsdon Station
[view] Warminster Station
[view] Chippenham Station and the spare platform face
[view] Chippeham Station car park
[view] Pilning Station Entrance
[view] Melksham Station Garden
[view] Melksham Station - just a short walk to town
[view] Swindon Station - Plaform 2 for Westbury
[view] Bob supports the Catch the Bus team at Chippenham
[view] Steam, Swindon
[view] To Taunton for TWSW meeting
[view] With the BBC on Salisbury plain promoting train to Imber Bus
[view] Explaining the CRP and CIC structure
[view] On the Kennet and Avon Canal near Trowbridge
[view] Along the main line
[view] Celebrating the Queens Jubilee
[view] Joining the Swindon train at Melksham
[view] Joining the train at Melksham
[view] Joining the train at Melksham
[view] Awaing the train at Melksham
[view] Awaiting the Westbury train
[view] Frome through train to the TransWilts
[view] Train to bus connections - Catch the bus week
[view] Connrcted to London for DfT meeting
[view] Comparing to Manchester
[view] Malmesbury to Swindon bus
[view] Warminster - town
[view] Swindon Town Centre - great day out
[view] Market Town Developemnt meeting, Corsham
[view] Melksham Town Hall
[view] Floral Town - Melksham
[view] Growing town, walking the dog
[view] TransWilts train arrived at Westbury
[view] TransWilts train at Chippenham
[view] TransWilts train at Trowbridge
[view] TransWilts train at Westbury
[view] This train for Melksham Trowbridga and Westbury
[view] More trains coming
[view] Changing trains in Birmingham
[view] TransWilts trains with onwards connections in Swindon
[view] Corsham - Tramway Walk
[view] Public transport campaign, Frome
[view] Alternative transport in the corridor
[view] Swindon, TransWilts at platform 1
[view] National Trust, Heelis, Swindon
[view] Doglegging via Bath Spa
[view] Trains via Melksham
[view] Our vinyled train at Melksham
[view] Swindon waiting room - update pictures?
[view] Countryside walk between Melksham and Trowbridge
[view] Guided walk from Towbridge to Melksham
[view] Church Walk, Melksham
[view] Melksham War Memorial
[view] The weekly train at Pilning
[view] The Westbury to Swindon line
[view] Near Whaddon, between Melksham and Trowbridge
[view] Brexit - what will it do?
[view] BBC Wiltshire at Imber on a wet Friday morning
[view] West Wilts Rail User group - trip to Swindon
[view] Co-ordinating with other volunteer groups
[view] 90 years of the Queen and Melksham Station

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