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Topic: Perl
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Perl is a language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It's also a good language for many system management tasks. The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal).
Course types
We run a range of Public Courses, which are ideal if you have just one to three trainees. For four or more trainees, our Private Courses (at your offices) are likely to be more cost-effective for you. We also run Specially Run Courses - at our offices, if your requirement isn't part of one of our standard courses.

We'll tailor any private course to meet your exact requirements; the following paragraphs describe our standard course(s) which also provide the starting point for custom courses:

Deploying LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP is a four-day course covering the technologies involved in installing, configuring and supporting a web application written in Perl or PHP. Topics include Internet and web structure and addressing, HTML, an introduction to Perl and PHP, Linux, XML, Apache and SQL.

Learning to Program in Perl is a five-day Perl course for those without any prior programming experience. Starting at a gentle pace, it introduces you to some of the principles of programming before going on to cover features of the Perl language which have made Perl one of the most popular scripting languages around.

Perl Programming is a five-day Perl programming course. It covers the major features of the language and their use for newcomers.

Regular Expressions is a day dedicated to pattern recognition and matching - if you are going to be heavily depedant on recognising sequences of characters - from an email address to a credit card number to a DNA sequence, then you should consider attending this day.

Using Perl on the Web teaches you the application of Perl on the worldwide web. The course assumes a knowledge or Perl as taught on our Perl Programming course, and extends your knowledge so that you can use Perl to glue applications to the internet.

Perl for Larger Projects extends your understanding of Perl; it covers object orientation, Database connectivity, large data set handling, extended regular expressions and other subjects that you'll need to learn about if you're using Perl as part of a larger project.

Perl Extra is a tailored, one-to-one training course for clients who require specialist advanced Perl topics that are not covered on the Perl for Larger Projects or Using Perl on the Web courses.

A full list of modules on Perl is available on this site. Much of this material is specialised, and some of it is not included in any of the courses listed above. We also have a number of modules on general subjects, modules on MySQL and modules on Internet / web that are often included on custom courses.
As well as the information listed above which matches your exact requirements, the following courses may be of interest:

Getting Public Sector Data on Line is a one-day course which introduces public servants who have been charged with getting their data on line to the various technologies they can use to help them in this task.

MySQL is a two-day course covering the structure of database engines and how to write database applications using SQL. As well as SQL itself, this course covers the installation and administration of MySQL, database and table design, security, and using MySQL from Perl and/or PHP and/or Java as appropriate for the trainee group.

At Well House Consultants, we're also experienced in Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, C, Motif, FrameMaker, HTML, XML and other technologies. Although we don't have current training material on these, please do ask us if you have training requirements which include elements on these subjects.

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