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Retiring, March 2020 - sorry, you have missed our final public course.
The Coronavirus situation has lead us to suspend public training - which was on the cards anyway, with no plans to resume

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc
Happily continuing private consultancy / programming work

Training Centre and HQ
48, Spa Road, Melksham, Wiltshire, UK, SN12 7NY

Telephone and Email
01225 708225 (Main number for Well House)

info@wellho.net (General email address)
Java Extra - training course
Subjects not covered on regular public courses!

This course has been withdrawn

Individual Java users will need different advanced topics depending on their application. We cover some advanced subjects on our Java Programming for the Web course, but there are some topics that are usually covered only on private courses. With a Java Extra day, we'll run a private course for you to cover just the extra subjects that are relevent to you.

Java Extra is only available to individual trainees who have attended our public Java courses and require further advanced training. Dates are scheduled to be mutually convenient to the trainee and the trainer.

Knowledge of Java as taught on our Java Programming for the Web course.

Getting the most from your Well House Consultants course [Link]
Course Summary: [Link]
Review of Java Basics (module J801) Structure of a Java program. Compiling and virtual machines. Statement sequencing and comments. Variable - declaration and use. Variable scope. Calculating and printing variables. Booleans, loops and control statements. Array definition, declaration and use. Multidimensional arrays.
Java Introduction (module J601) Java source, compiler and class files. The Java interpreter and virtual machine. Applets, servlets, Java Server Pages and applications. Java enabling other devices.
Java Roadmap - Beyond the Fundamentals (module J606) Java releases. Java Runtime Environments. "Stand Alone" Java programs. Java servlets. Java Server Pages. Other JREs. Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs). Useful "basic" classes. The Java foundation classes. The Threads API. JDBC. RMI. Java beans. Enterprise beans. JNDI. Synchronized. Serializable and transient. jars. Ant. Java Enterprise. Summary.
Servlets, JSP, Tomcat (module J607) What are Apache, Tomcat and Jakarta? Server side programming. The servlet and JSP models. Sourcing and installing Tomcat. Placing and testing content. Administration of Tomcat. JRun, WebSphere and other alternatives.
Abstract Windowing Toolkit (module J802) AWT overview and basics. Graphic elements. Components and component layouts. Containers. Menus; menu bars and popups. Double buffering.
Applet Parameters (module J803) Applet methods and parameters. String tokenizers. Dynamic links from an applet. Returning information from an applet to the Web server.
Threads (module J804) Overview of threading. The Java Threading API. Extending thread and implementing runnable. Syncronization; deadlocking issues. Thread coordination and reaping - wait and notify. Thread groups, thread scheduling, thread pools.
Images (module J807) Image loading and basic transformations. Image filtering and processing.
Network Programming (module J808) Reading data from a URL. Writing a TCP/IP client. Writing a server. Network security.
Archived examples from previous versions of courses (module J610) Many examples include. Abstract Windowing Toolkit. Swing. Applets and Applet tags.
JDBC - Relational Database Access (module J811) The JDBC Interface. Driver managers and drivers. Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 drivers. How odbc, jdbc and SQL relate. Obtaining and installing JDBC drivers. Example - a MySQL jdbc driver class. Connection to a database in Java. Running enquiries against a relational database.
Remote Method Invocation (module J814) Architecture. Stubs, skeletons, the registry. Creating an object server. Creating a client. Exception handling.
Extending Graphics in Java (module J902) Overview, concepts and design. Background, Swing, "Hello Swing World". Containers (frames, panels, panes) Layout managers. Listeners and Observers - the Swing event model. Labels, buttons, check boxes and lists. Text, editors and passwords. Icons, borders and combo boxes. JTrees. JTables. Scrolling and sliding. Menus, dialogs, option panes and toolbars. Choosers, timers, progress indication.
Handling XML in Java (module J815) Overview - XML, DTD, , Schema, XSL and XSLT. Parsers and parser interface classes. Xerces, Expat, Crimson, XML.4J and MXSML. Sax parser - basic structure, content handler interface. SAX - ErrorHandler interface and others. The DOM - overview. The DOM parser. Classes for handling the DOM tree and nodes. The JDOM parser. The JAXP API.

Graham Ellis - graham@wellho.net [email]  [about Graham]
Melksham, Wiltshire
Public courses run at Well House Manor - our own purpose fitted training centre and business hotel / conference centre in Melksham.
• Download Melksham Map - [pdf file (750k)] • Google Map - [Link]
1 student   2 students   3 students   For 4 or more students
from the same company,
please consider a private course.
 With hotel room
£420.00 (No VAT from 1.2019)
Without room
£350.00 (No VAT from 1.2019) 
 With hotel rooms
£790.00 (No VAT from 1.2019)
Without rooms
£650.00 (No VAT from 1.2019) 
 With hotel rooms
£1160.00 (No VAT from 1.2019)
Without rooms
£950.00 (No VAT from 1.2019) 
• Multiple discount applies to bookings for second and subsequent delegates on the same running of a course, and on same order.
• Hotel rooms are available for arrival the night before the course starts, for departure after the end of the course on the last day.
If you're going to be using Java to connect to the MySQL database, please consider MySQL.

Upon completion of your course, you'll have online access to the source code of all the examples from the course, and you'll have access to the "Ask the Tutor" forum where you can raise questions. We also encourage you to email the tutor, and to visit us again to use our library as appropriate.

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