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Python, Lua and Tcl - public course schedule [here]
Private courses on your site - see [here]
Please ask about maintenance training for Perl, PHP, Java, C, C++, Ruby, MySQL and Linux / Tomcat systems

Training Course news
Next Course Dates
Learning to program in Tcl Mon, 8 Oct 18 5 days
Learning to program in Lua Mon, 8 Oct 18 4 days
Learning to program in Python Mon, 8 Oct 18 5 days
Tcl Programming Tue, 9 Oct 18 4 days
Lua Programming Tue, 9 Oct 18 4 days
Python Programming Tue, 9 Oct 18 4 days

Link on individual courses for more details and further dates.

We can also run a private tailored course at our centre or a private course at your office.

Well House Consultants
• 404, The Spa, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 6QL
• +44 (0) 1225 708225 (phone)
• http://www.wellho.net
• info@wellho.net
Well House Consultants offer training courses in a wide variety of Open Source programming languages. Public courses run at our own training centre in Melksham, Wiltshire, England, and we can run private tailored courses to suit client needs at our centre, or on client sites.

Most of our subjects are niche, so delegates come from far and wide. We provide overnight accommodation in hotel rooms within our training centre, and you may book the course and accommodation as a single package, or come as a day delegate if you live within commuting distance or work for an employer who insists that overnight stays are made at a particular chain hotel.

Each Course runs from 3 to 9 times per year. Courses are all written by ourselves, lead by our own tutor, and limited to just eight delegates per course (public courses) so that the tutor has plenty of time to answer any questions that arise, and provide personal support during practical sessions.

Courses for Autumn 2014 and 2015
Learning to Program in Python
Learning to Program in Ruby
Learning to Program in PHP
Learning to Program in Lua
Learning to Program in Perl
Learning to Program in C++
Learning to Program in Tcl
Apache / Tomcat Deployment
Python Programming
Ruby Programming
PHP programming
Lua Programming
Perl Programming
C++ Programming
Tcl Programming
Advanced training scheduled as required. Please ask

If you're new to computer programming, if you've programmed before but are feeling rusty, or if you would like a more gentle course that takes your right through from basics, we are offering Learning to Program in .... courses. Take a complete week away from your normal office environment to concentrate on learning a new skill, with a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions. Bring along some of your own data, and your questions, and your tutor will work with you to show you how those fit into the context of the subject you're learning about.
  • Arrive at our training centre / hotel on Sunday evening (or Monday morning if you prefer)
  • All our rooms are large en-suite doubles let for single occupancy
  • Course runs from 09:30 on Monday and from 09:00 on other days
  • Course runs until 17:00 until Thursday, and 16:00 on Friday
  • Access available to your tutor before and after the course each day
  • Use your own laptop or our equipment - the choice is yours
Experienced programmers may prefer to come on our .... programming courses. Travel to Melksham on Monday afternoon or early Tuesday mroning, for four complete days of learning your new language of choice. You'll start on the Tuesday morning with a quick revision of programming principles; this helps us identify where we need to clarify basics, and lets us put the new language you're learning into context. The course proceeds with a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions, and we encourage you to bring your own data and questions. Your tutor will work with you to show you how those fit into the context of the subject you're learning about.
  • Arrive at our training centre / hotel on Monday evening (or Tuesday morning if you prefer)
  • All our rooms are large en-suite doubles let for single occupancy
  • Course runs from 09:00 daily
  • Course runs until 17:00 until Thursday, and 16:00 on Friday
  • Access available to your tutor before and after the course each day
  • Use your own laptop or our equipment - the choice is yours

The course is typically split into two morning and two afternoon sessions - and each session will be a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, discussions and practicals - every delegate is provided with a laptop for the duration of the course, sample code to work on, and as much data and coffee as (s)he would like! With groups sizes limited to just eight, even lecture style is informal, with everyone encouraged to chip in. And the tutor makes notes on the board of questions that he says he'll come back to later - so that you can be sure he really WILL come back and answer your questions later.

We provide lunch for everyone on the course too (please let us know ahead of time if you have special dietary requirements) - typically we'll walk out into the town on one day and eat in on the other, but whatever we do, lunch won't take longer than an hour - your with us for maximum training and not for a long lunch!

The one thing we don't provide as a part of the course package is your evening meal - there's a wide range of options in Melksham, and different people have different wishes. Very often, groups head out to "The King's Arms" or "The Bear", and you're welcome to bring food from the takeaways into "The Whitworth" breakfast room ... or even phone and have food delivered. We're not licensed for the sale of alcohol, but the Spar (three doors up) will sell you beers, wines and spirits and there's a corkscrew and bottle opener in every bedroom. For delegate who want to continue their studies in the evening, or need to catch up on their regular work, we've got 150Mbit internet avaiable throughout the training centre / hotel, with unlimited use just subject to a normal AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).

You'll be welcome to take any scripts that you've written with you at the end of the course - bring your memory stick with you - or we can email them to you. The tutor often writes new code during the course too, to "show you how it's done" rather than just present you with "here is one I did earlier", and that code can be emailed or if it's of general interest it can be uploaded onto our web site for all to use.

If anyone's catching the 16:31 train, we'll give them a ride to the station (we can do that for the later trains too), and we'll be around again informally to answer any further questions - we won't be rushing you out of the door. In fact - why not stay on for a further night and travel home on Saturday morning - we'll extend the delegate rate for that extra night.
Some Organisational details
• The course is run at Well House Manor, our own training centre and hotel at Melksham in Wiltshire. Melksham is about 100 miles to the west of London, and there's a train service from London's Paddington station (change at Swindon) to the town, and if you let us know which train you're on we can collect you from the station. We also have plenty of free parking.

• Courses are priced at •350 for the first day and £250 for the second and subsequent days for non-residential delegates, Add £60 per night for overnight accommodation if you're staying with us. Once you've travelled to Melksham, the only extra you will need to buy will be your evening meal. Prices quoted here do not include VAT, currently 20%. Prices are for bookings made prior to 31st December 2014, whenever you take the course. Terms and conditions [here].

• Book by phone (01225 708225), by email (info@wellho.net) or online here. 25% deposit requested with bookings, balance payable while you're attending the course. Invoicing during the course with payment within 28 days available for company bookings subject to appropriate credit checks / clearance.

• If you are staying, you are also very welcome to bring your partner to share your room, at no extra cost if (s)he isn't attending the course. There's plenty to see in the area - Bath, Devizes, Caen Hill, Lacock all of which can be reached by bus, but please note that you'll be attending the course, so won't be able to go with your partner to see these places (perhaps you should come back for a weekend?)

• And - most important - if you're not sure which is the right course for you please phone or email us. We want to make sure that we have people correctly booked, and that everyone is happy and gets the very best from their course.

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