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Melksham buses - in Melksham Market Place

Departures - North / West bound

18/08/2017 23:13:18
Market Place (N-bound), on High Street, Melksham

There are no buses due at this time.

Bus stop code wilamagt

Departures - South / East bound

18/08/2017 23:13:18
Market Place (S-bound), on High Street, Melksham


Devizes, The Pelican at 23:58

Bus stop code wilamajm
Melksham buses - at [Town Centre] and at [Well House Manor]
Information shown in this table is scheduled bus services from web feeds; in Melksham, we don't yet have live bus monitoring so you won't see how the buses are actually running, and you probably won't be informed of any changes due to road works, etc, unless they're lasting a long time. The data is only as accurate as the information that has been provided by the bus companies; in particular we've noted some services are shown operating from the opposite side of the road than they really run from. Check with signs on stops, or enquire locally please.
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